Pest Control Melbourne

Pest Control Melbourne

All Kinds Of Pest We Remove Near Melbourne

While you ask yourself, “who should I contact for the most reliable pest control company near me? Your Answer is Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne, 3000, VIC. We are one of the excellent pest control company in Melbourne CBD. We will prefer to care for all kinds of pest infestation treatment requirements. Our pest extermination crew go ahead and give the non-stop pest safeguard service. Our premium pest control services remove all kind pesky pests like possum removal, rat removal, wasp nest removal, termite control, fumigation, cockroach treatment & many more from your place. Our end of lease pest fumigation service and pre-purchase pest inspection are famous in Melbourne because we offer effective and quality pest control services.

Pest Spray & Sanitization Melbourne

We also provide rapid and effective disinfecting and sanitizing services for your residence and commercial properties. Our Disinfectant and Sanitiser Spray efficiently kill bacteria and shield your home & Workplace. It kills odor-causing bacteria and fungus. With over years of combined experience, our professionals have got a complete experience. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed from our end. Book our exterminator today and rid of all pesky pests in your home and office. We eliminate all cooler weather pests ( Mice, rat, termite) and warmer weather pests ( bees, ant, mosquito) from your place.

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Complete Pest Protection from Pesky Pests

Experts of Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne provide complete pest protection throughout the year. Our technicians are active and reliable to carry out pest control services anywhere in Melbourne. Our professionals take care of your kids and pets while controlling risky pests. The size of the infected place does not matter to us, whether it is large or small. We put our whole effort in making your home free all types of crawling and flying pests. Same day pest control service is offered by Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne. Before starting the pest eradication service, our specialists do an on-site assessment of the infected place. Within a few hours, our pest control specialists reach your doorstep. Book our amazing pest removal service package for rapid and best pest extermination at your doorstep. Few of our specialty are: 

Same day service availability

24×7 customer support

Free quote over the phone

Emergency pest control service

pest control melbourne

Complete pest Protection

Best Package for Pest Control Melbourne Service

Sharing your property with the pests is quite annoying and risky. Pests inside your home constantly give you a serious headache. Your pets and kids are not safe if pests are residing inside your home. Our professionals use the right tools and skills to remove all types of pests from your residential place. Get rid of pests with our best pest removal service package. We deal with both residential and commercial premises. The pest control service cost of Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne lies in between $300 to $700. This cost has several variable factors on which it depends. Size of infected place, type of pest that is troubling you all add up to the cost of pest control treatment. 

Being fast, effective, and efficient pest controllers, we are the NUMBER 1 choice in Melbourne for controlling pests. Our professionals cover all metro and non-metro places of Melbourne at a reasonable price. Pests inside your home create an unhygienic environment and different types of damage to your property. Don’t worry, call us today @ 0488 851 646 for budget-friendly service on the same day of booking.

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Melbourne’s Premier Pest Control Specialists   

Marks Pest Control Melbourne is the #1 Pest Exterminator company in Melbourne. We offer commercial and domestic pest control services at affordable rates. 

Our pest control specialists have many years of experience and knowledge. We carefully eliminate all crawling and flying pests from your doorstep within a few hours of booking.

Our professionals follow a personal approach to eliminate the pests from your residential and commercial place. We provide reliable and pest prevention tips too to our clients. We make your living place free from all kinds of pests.

How do We Make Your Property Pest free?

You can preserve your place with Marks pest control Melbourne services. Notwithstanding being small in size, those disgusting creatures are well-efficient of creating your life a living crisis. They can damage your premises, spoil food, cause serious health problems to you, and your family and beloved pets. And in the case of blood-sucking bugs, the situations can get more harmful. Our team is doing an outstanding job of giving your lives comfortable and happy by eliminating the damaging pest from your area. This is how our crew make your place pest-free:

✔ The professionals in the team use their experience in the pest control treatment in Melbourne.
✔ Our professionals use specialized solutions for the pest extermination to remove even the smallest of the pest.
✔ The team of our Pest Control Melbourne & uses the latest techniques and products for effective results, focusing on the minimal damage to the environment, and your health.

Best Pest Control Melbourne


Importance of Professional Pest Control Service  

Getting rid of pests is not an easy task. Professional pest controllers offer effective and practical treatment for controlling pests. If you try to remove pests by yourself, then you will save lots of energy and time. You did not know the hiding places and behaviour of all types of pests. So it is better that you hire professionals for eradicating pests.   

✔ Professionals have the right tools and skills for removing pests. 
✔ Right, and effective pest controlling chemicals are used.
✔ Professionals have full information about the behaviour and living habitat of pests.
✔ By using modern equipment, experts complete the pest controlling task on time.

Pest Control Services Delivered By Our Experts for Homeowners & Businesses

Our professionals use the right equipment for controlling the pests. The services offered by our experts are reasonable and delivered on the same day of booking. 

  • Mosquito pest control
  • Wasp pest control
  •  Woodworm treatments
  • Fly pest control
  •  Termite control
  •  Cockroach removal
  •  Spider removal
  •  Domestic pest control
  •  Restaurant pest control
  •  Tick extermination
  •  Moth pest control
  •  Bee pest control
  •  Rodent control
  •  Flea control
  •  Silverfish control
  •  Pre-purchase pest inspection
  •  Emergency pest control services 
  •  Same day pest control

Our Professional Approach To Control Pests

Professionals of Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne have complete knowledge and understanding about all types of pest infestation. Proper training is delivered to our professionals from time to time so that effective pest control service should be delivered. If you see pests at your residential or commercial place, then make us a call @ 0488 851 646. We follow a professional approach to clear out all pesky pests from your living area

Inspection – After booking confirmation, our professionals reach your doorstep within a few hours and thoroughly inspect the whole infected place. Right, and complete inspection of the infected place helps in deciding the best method of pest eradication. We check out the origin of the pest infestation.

Treatment – Depending upon the type of pest infestation, our professionals decide the best pest controlling method. We use eco-friendly chemicals for removing pests. Our treatment is safe for your kids and pets. 

Preventive Tips – We provide our clients with the best preventive tips so that in the future, you do not get any harm from pests. Our preventive tips are useful in controlling the pests from creating further damage. 

Post Inspection – We offer 100% satisfaction to our clients. After completing the pest removal treatment, our professionals revisit the place so that no single pests should be left. 

Areas That Our Professionals Inspect Before Starting Pest Control Service

Inspection of the infected place helps in determining the actual reason behind the pest infestation. Also, we get accurate knowledge of which method will be most suitable for controlling pests.

  • Timber walls (all accessible timber)
  • Rood void and exterior
  • Interior of the building
  • The exterior of the building
  • Driveways, fencing & backyard
  • Under-floor space

professional pest control

Pest Spray Services in Melbourne

By identifying the type of infestation and place, our professional delivers spray service to control pests. This spray method acts as an effective repellent for pests such as ants, spiders, cockroaches, and other crawling insects. Pest sprays are also available in the market, but it may not be safe for your kids and pets’ health. We use a nature-friendly spray to kill the pesky pests in an efficient manner. Our spray service offers long-lasting results and is affordable too. We offer same-day spray service all across Melbourne. Contact us today and get the desired result. 

Same Day Pest Control Service Melbourne

We understand that living with pests is quite an annoying thing. For this reason, we offer same day service for controlling pests from your home and office premises. We are available 24×7 hours to serve you with the best pest eradication service. Pest inside your home causes different types of damage, including health issues too. Our professionals are friendly and work accordingly to fulfil your desire. We do not leave any pests by using the eco-friendly pest-controlling chemicals. Book us today for same-day service.   

Complete Pest Extermination Services in Melbourne, VIC & Surrounding Areas

Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne has a certified and experienced pest control specialist team. Some of our top-class services are described below.

Possum Catcher Melbourne

Are you searching for a possum catcher in Melbourne? We have certified and approved the Possum removal team who provides you with the best and effective service. In Melbourne mostly two types of possum – Common Brushtail Possum & Common Ringtail Possum. We also provide a dead possum removal service at an affordable price. You can guarantee our fully qualified & experienced controller will be on time and relocate possum from your premises. Call us and Book our possum removal experts.


possum catcher melbourne.

Silverfish Control Melbourne

Our one of the most demanding services is silverfish control service. Most of the residential premises cover silverfish infestation. Controlling silverfish is not easy; thus, you should take the help of professionals for controlling them. Our professionals are experienced and skilled in controlling silverfish. Silverfish chew most of your object and thus results in great damage. We at Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne offer same day silverfish control service.  Call us today for same-day pest inspection and control.

Borer Control Melbourne

The wood and timber property of your home get damaged due to the infestation of borer. The first sign of borer infestation is the appearance of holes on wood or timber. These holes are created by the larvae of borer, and generally, multiple holes will lead to the compromise of the timber. Mark’s Pest control has years of experience in providing the best pest control Melbourne services. Our professional pest controllers can eradicate borers from your space in no time. We use advanced methods and techniques for complete removal of borer infestation from your home within 24 hours.


Ant Control Melbourne

If you see live ants marching in your residential place, then it is the sign that the infestation of ants has taken place. You will see ants lurking around food or sweet products. These can severely compromise your home hygiene and can also cause distress and discomfort. Our professionals provide you with complete eradication of ant infestation. Our experienced pest controllers use the latest commercial products and tools to remove ants completely. We use safe and eco-friendly products to exterminate or eradicate nats from your premises within 24 hours. Get in touch with us today for same-day ant control service. 

Moth Control Melbourne

Moth infestation is a serious matter of concern as it’s very hard to get rid of and may cause you to harm and affect your health. There are different types of moths, & different type of moth infestation can cause different type problems. Moth’s eggs are very small and very difficult to remove, so it’s advisable that you hire professional assistance. Mark’s Pest Control will provide you with a moth control service in Melbourne. Our expert pest removal is qualified and equipped who can exterminate moth infestation quickly. Prevent damages and problems created by moth infestation by hiring Mark’s Pest Control today.



Bee Control Melbourne

Bee infestation anywhere in your home and office is a serious threat and one should never ignore it. It can make their nests anywhere in your homes or nearby it. Multiple numbers of bees can sting numerous times, causing you to hurt and bear the discomfort. At Mark’s Pest Control, We can provide you with the best bee control service in Melbourne. We can easily remove bees’ nest from your property and treat it as well to prevent reoccurrence. In other words, We can eradicate any amount of bee infestation within 24 hours of hiring.

Spider Control Melbourne

Almost all of us have deep-seated fears of spiders, and their presence can cause shivers down the spine. Spider infestation in your place can affect your wellness and peace of mind. Spider infestation will also attract other poisonous spiders who eat their own kind. So it is advisable that you should get the help of a professional spider controller. We use specialized tools and equipment to get rid of all the spider webs. We treat your walls, ceilings, and other places to prevent the movement of spiders. Hire Mark’s Pest control today and get rid of all spiders from your home at affordable Pest Control costs.


spider control melbourne

Tick Extermination

Ticks get attached to the skin of the animals hiding behind their hair. Thus it gets harder to detect ticks and exterminations. You can go for the hair cutting of the animals suffering tick attacks, which will make them visible, and then you can go for the treatment. The powder which can kill their population is applied to their skin. You can also call the professionals for controlling and exterminating their population completely.

Fleas Infestation Removal in Melbourne

If you are a pet lover and have a pet in your home, then it is most likely that you might get fleas infestation. You will get an indication of the flea infestation if your pets keep on scratching continuously. At Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne, we provide high-level flea control service on the same day of booking. If fleas are irritating your lovely pets, then it’s your first duty to hire a professional flea controller. It may be the case that you may also get flea infestation and get health issues. Our professionals reach your doorstep within the minimum time duration possible. 

rodent control melbourne

cockroach control melbourne

Melbourne Rodent Control Services

Are you tired of seeing the growing population of rodents and rats inside your home? Now no more, contact our professionals to get rid of these pesky pests within a few hours. If rodents live with you, then it is risky for you and your family health. Professionals of Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne use an advanced method for eliminating rats and mice from your home. With 20 years of expertise, we control them in such a manner so that you will feel comfortable and relaxed during our service.

Cockroach Control Melbourne Services

The presence of cockroaches in your home is the invitation to the various types of diseases. Being small in size, cockroaches easily hide and save themself from the cleaning process. But our professionals use the effective tool and cleaning material for controlling the victorian cockroaches. We use a special method depending upon the type of infestation that occurred. We ensure that your health should not get any harm from these pests. Cockroaches are considered ugliest and horrible creatures that carry pathogens along with them. If you see a single cockroach inside your premises, then it is a sign that more cockroaches are also hiding in your home. In that case, you should contact our professionals for same day cockroach control service.    

cockroach control melbourne

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Pest Control Service for Commercial Places

If pests are present at your commercial place, then it will affect your business too. Your business place may get affected by various types of pests, including rats, mice, cockroaches, spiders, etc. that are harmful to you and your clients. It also puts a mark on your hygiene level. Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne offers the best commercial pest control service at an affordable price. Some of the commercial places we cover are: 

  • Restaurants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Storage Facilities
  • Retail Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Clubs
  • Nursing Homes
  • Health care
  • Shopping Centres
  • Educational Facilities


Trust Mark’s Pest Control and Say Bye to All Pests

Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne is a trusted company in the field of pest control. We offer the best service on the same day of booking. We have trained and experienced pest controllers in our team. We are available all time and every time. We are always ready to help our clients by using the most advanced tools and pest control methods. If you need emergency pest control service, then no need to go anywhere. Our company is also known for offering the quality and effective pest control services in and around your property at affordable costs. Our amazing services have been making our customers satisfied and happy, which is our biggest reward. Our unbeatable services make us best and reliable in the industry, with above 300 returning clients. We believe in transparency, offer complete value for the money. Hire us now for the best and affordable marks pest control Melbourne.

Pest Control Services FOR COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL place

Top Residential Pest Control Melbourne Service

Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne has a special team that offers residential pest control services. Our professionals reach on the same day of booking to your doorstep. We put your family health at priority. We work hard to protect your family, kids, and pets from the harmful effect of pests. We thoroughly inspect your home and then apply the best-desired treatment method for controlling the number of pests. Our professionals understand what impact pests can provide to you and your family members. Pests like cockroaches, spiders, rodents, termites, mosquitoes, rats, and bedbugs are enough to make you and your loved ones ill. But do not worry when we are here. We are available on a single call to your doorstep to bring back these pesky pests to their home. Our all pest elimination services for home pest effective and reliable for you.

Pest Control Services in Eastern Suburbs

With our 20 years of experience, we have become trained and expert in controlling all types of pests. Our professionals cover all locations of Melbourne including the Eastern Suburbs. We have a team of dedicated and certified professionals with us that do not charge any hidden cost. Whether you want to get rid of flying pests, crawling pests, and rodents, we remove them from your premise in a safe manner. We take the utmost care of your kids and pets while delivering our pest removal service. Our best team of pest exterminator is available on weekends and public holidays too. 

Pest Control Services in WESTERN Suburbs

Pest Control Services in Eastern Suburbs

Pest Control Services in Western Suburbs

Our pest control specialists visit the corners of Western suburbs with no extra cost. We serve our clients on the same day of booking. By using the right and industry-oriented tools and techniques, we treat pests. We efficiently control the presence of pests from your home and business places. Our professionals have appropriate knowledge and experience in removing all types of pests. We have been working for the past 20 years to make your home pest-free. Get in touch with us today for a free quote over the phone. We are offering our pest control service 24×7 hours.

end of lease pest control

End of Lease Pest Elimination Services

Are you looking for the best end of lease pest control service provider in Melbourne? If yes, then you are in the right place. Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne offers high-quality end of lease service to all residents of Melbourne. It is the responsibility of the tenant that the rented property should be returned back in the right condition to the owner. Hire our professionals today and get rid of pest infestation tension. We do our work, and you will do yours. Hire us today and experience the best quality end of lease service with respect to pest control.       

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection for Your Home

Before buying your dream home, make sure that your home is free from all types of pests. Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne offers pre-inspection of your home. Our professionals offer different types of pest inspection services. All of our services are budget-friendly and reliable. Buying a home in Melbourne requires a high amount of investment, and it should not invest in the wrong property. The termite can cause serious damage to your new home. We thoroughly recognize the dangers of pest infestation in the home; thus, it is advised to the homeowners not to delay the treatment and hire the professionals for quick and easy removal of pests. From spiders to roaches to flies to bees, we handle it all. Get in touch with our professionals and get a safe environment.


Melbourne’s Cost-Effective and Best Pest Control Packages

Everyday low price

Residential Pest Control

residential pest control
Pests in the home can give homeowners serious trouble. Pest presence can hamper daily routine tasks and invites many health issues. Worry no more, avail our residential pest control packages to enjoy a pest-free environment around the home.

Commercial Pest Control

commercial pest control
Don’t let your work hinder with pest infestations in your office. Pest infestations can disturb the office environment to a high extent and is also a hazard to your employee’s health. Get your commercial pest control packages for retail stores, offices, restaurants, food stores, healthcare centres & more.

Universal Pest Control

all pest control
In Universal pest control packages, we cover all your commercial, as well as residential pest control, needs together. When you are home as well as business-owner and seeking pest control services for your properties, then our universal pest control packages come to your rescue.

*Minimum call-out fee will be applied. For more information about pest control Melbourne price, packages, and services go through our terms & conditions.

Pests Infestations are Stressful! But Getting Rid Of Them Shouldn’t Be

Pest infestations are a very common problem and chances are you have to face them anytime anyhow. We at Mark’s Pest Control can provide you with complete protection and prevention form pest infestation. We always strive to provide the best pest control Melbourne services for the people of Melbourne. Pest infestations are a leading cause of many numbers of diseases and it can greatly affect your well being and peace of mind. Pests will also cause damages to the infrastructure causing you to lose money and suffer losses. It is advisable that you hire Mark’s Pest control for effective and affordable pest control costs anywhere in Melbourne.

Why Choose Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne

affordable cost

skilled controller

24x7 service

cover all suburbs

Competitive price

Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne offers reliable and affordable service under your budget. We have friendly team that deliver the service in the same manner as the client requires. 

Skilled Controllers

We have certified and skilled pest controllers that offer 100% customer satisfaction. Proper training is provided to our professionals after a regular interval of time.

24X7 Availability

Mark’s Pest control works day and night to remove the pests from your residential and commercial places. We also work on Saturday, Sunday and even on public holidays. 

Cover all Suburbs

Our professionals are available at every corner of Melbourne. We serve all suburbs of Melbourne at the most reasonable cost. You will experience fast and reliable service at an amazing price. 

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it charge for pest control?

Pest control prices depend on pest infestation and what type of pest present in your place. After proper pest inspection, we will tell the exact amount of pest treatment—our average rate of $150 to $750 for bugs removal.

How long does pest treatment last in Melbourne’s weather?

On common, pest extermination lasts between 2-4 months. Time is not assured and differs on the weather, atmosphere, use of the premises, and any stubborn factors that influence the pest eradication.

What is the most reliable way to get rid of termite?

There are various methods to eliminate termites, such as damp cardboard traps, infested wood in sunlight, and the use of nematodes worms to remove termites. If you did not get rid of termite with DIY methods, book Marks pest control team for termite treatment service.

Does your pest exterminator kill ants?

Yes, Our certified and qualified pest removal team offers pest treatment for all types of ants includes ant infestation removal at most affordable charges. If ant infestation in your place very much, it will take 2-3 visits.

What kind of pest control services do you offer??

We offer all types of pest removal services. The selection of treatment methods depends on the type of pest infestation in your premises. We use bait, trap, fumigation, heat treatment, disinfection, and many more.

Do you provide Commercial pest control service in Melbourne?

Yes, Marks Pest Controller offers commercial & residential pest control services. Our Melbourne’s local pest removal team know what kind of pest attack on your premises and how to exterminate them.

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