Pest Control Melbourne

Pest Control Melbourne

The best Pest Control Services Melbourne wide.

Marks Pest Control Melbourne offers the best pest inspection services Melbourne wide. Call 0488851646 book pest removal company in Melbourne. Same day pest inspection services. Our pest controllers are specialised in rondent control & removal, possum removal, termite inspection, roches, spiders etc. We services residential & commerical properties including childcare centres, restaurants and cafes periodic pest control services.

24/7 Emergency Pest Control Melbourne Services

Marks Pest Control Services offers the best & effective pest infestation control services in Melbourne, South Eastern Suburbs, Mornington, Geelong and Ballarat. Our pest controllers are professional and certified in pest management

Mark’s Pest Control Melbourne offers 24/7 Emergency Pest Control Services in Melbourne. Cost effective pest inspection company in Melbourne. Range of pest services we offer.

  1. Mice/mouse and Rats/rodents Control Services in Melbourne
  2. Spiders and red back spiders removal & treatment
  3. Birds/pigeons/indian miners/finches Control
  4. Restaurants, cafes, bars, kitchens Pest Inspection & Control Services
  5. Pre Purchage Termite Inspections & Treatments Services
  6. Over 10 years local Family Owned Business
  7. Possum Catching & Removal services
  8. Termite barriers
  9. End of lease spray

Marks Pest Control can permanent S.T.O.P all pest issues today!

Struggling to permanent get rid of pest using DYI methods? Pest are keep coming back after home pest treatments? Don’t worry marks Pest Control can S.T.O.P all pest issues today! Pests can be the reason for many problems in your day to day life. We all know that they can be really harmful to health but they can also put you in a financial crisis. So, instead of them taking over the property you can just hire Marks Pest Control Melbourne. Our company provides the finest pest extermination services in which we will completely purge the pest along with their breeding nest.

Moreover, all of our pest control products that our Pest Control Melbourne team uses are extremely safe for you and your family along with any pet you own. Our pest control services are fast and we provide super effective pest control.

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Book Outstanding Pest Control, Inspection & Extermination Services

Marks Pest Control Melbourne is a leader in providing top quality pest inspection and treatment across Melbourne and nearby areas. Our employees go one step ahead in providing non-stop pest safeguarding services. We provide all kinds of pests eradication, such as possum removal, rodent control, dead rat removal, termite control, fumigation, and many other services to prevent diseases from spreading from these pesky insects. We can help even if you are looking for “ pet friendly pest control near me” We also provide the best end of lease pest fumigation service and pre-purchase pest inspection in Melbourne. Call today to book your same day pest treatment service. You can also discuss a variety of pest solutions suitable for you.

Pest Spray & Sanitization Services in Melbourne

We are the leading pest control company in Melbourne. Additionally, we provide rapid and effective disinfecting and sanitizing services for all your properties, be it residential or commercial ones. We eliminate all-weather pests like mice, rats, bees, mosquitos, etc. We also offer insect pest control at cheap prices. Our Disinfectant and Sanitizer spray effectively kills pests and bacteria and sanitizes it afterward to prevent your place from getting infected with all the pesticides or materials used while treating. As we have the team, so you will receive the best pest control treatment always. Our employees with many years of experience, guarantee 100% satisfaction. Most times, some wild creature enters your property and you look for “ animal removal service near me”. Right? You may appoint us for that. Hire our pest removal team for professional and affordable pest treatment and sanitization service.

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Hire Our Prompt, Reliable Pest Control Specialist in Melbourne

Marks Pest Control, Melbourne provides complete eradication of pests from your house, keeping your kids and pets absolutely safe. To start the treatment, our on-site specialists will first visit the infected area and give an estimation to the company like people or instruments required to complete the task. Then, accordingly, our team of professionals will come and execute the services. The most important thing to us is that we work to eliminate the pests irrespective of the infected area. So, whenever you look for pest controller near me in Melbourne, do reach out to us. Some of our pest removal specialties are:

Same day service availability

24×7 customer support

Free quote over the phone

Emergency pest control service

pest control specialist

Best Packages for Pest Treatment Service in Melbourne

Sharing your property with pests is very risky and annoying. These pests spread many diseases and your family will always be at risk of infection. Therefore, for the safety of you, your family, and pets, it is essential to get your home pest-free. Marks Pest Control, Melbourne provides the best pest control service between $300 – $700. These costs depend on many features like infected area, types of pests, tools used, professionals required to complete the task, and many more. We use the right tools and skills to eliminate pests from your home or office. Additionally, all of our pest control services Melbourne are budget-friendly and safe.

When looking for fast, effective, and efficient pest controllers, we are the NUMBER 1 choice in Melbourne for controlling pests. Moreover, our Melbourne pest control services are active 24/7 throughout the year. So, call us today @ 0488 851 646 for same-day budget-friendly service.

Book today for the best pest control in Melbourne and enjoy 15% discount on the services now!

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Rapid and Effective Pest Treatment

Marks Pest Control is the #1 Pest Exterminator company in Melbourne. We offer the best pest control services at affordable prices. We are 24×7 available at both commercial and residential places with the fastest booking.

Our specialists having best-in-class knowledge and experience who dedicatedly and carefully work to make your home free from any kind of pests. At the end of the process, we provide reliable pest prevention tips to our clients in order to save themselves from pest infection again for a longer period of time.

In case, you again need us, we are just one call away!

expert pest control services

Making Your Property Pest free

However small in size, these creatures are well-efficient to make your life unhealthy and difficult by spoiling food, damaging your premises, causing health problems to your family and pets, etc. and in the case of blood-sucking bugs, the situations can get more harmful. We, at Marks Pest Control, help preserve your place by eliminating these bugs and pests from your life. You can reach us for both residential and commercial pest control Melbourne. This is how we make your place pest-free:

  • Our professionals use their knowledge and experience in the pest control treatment.
  • Our team of pest control specialists uses specialized solutions for the pest extermination to remove even the smallest pest.
  • The team uses the latest techniques and products for effective results, focusing on minimal damage to the environment, and your health.

Why You Need Expert Pest Control Services

Getting rid of pests is not an easy task. It is a time and energy-consuming task. Also, if the elimination process is not done correctly, they can come back (early), creating discomfort in your life, again. This is why professional pest inspection Melbourne come into existence.  Melbourne pest control team offer effective and practical treatment for controlling pests, saving your time and energy. That is why it is always better to hire professional pest controller for eradicating all the annoying pests from your life. And, why to worry when we offer the best pest control in Melbourne. Let’s book your pest control service Melbourne appointment today.

  • Professionals have the right tools and skills for removing pests.
  • Proper and effective pest controlling chemicals are used by them.
  • They have good information about the behavior and habitat of pests.
  • By using modern equipment, experts complete the pest controlling task on time.

Premier Pest Control Services Offered by Us

Our professionals use the right equipment and tools for controlling the pests. The services offered by our experts are cost-effective and delivered on the same day of booking. So, feel free to appoint us for any pest control services in Melbourne.

  • 🦟 Mosquito pest control
  • 🐛 Wasp pest control
  • 🐝 Woodworm treatments
  • 🦋 Fly pest control
  • 🦗 Flying Termite control
  • 🐞 Cockroach removal
  • 🕸 Spider removal
  • 🕷 Domestic pest control
  • 🐝 Restaurant pest control
  • 🦂 Tick extermination
  • 🐛 Moth pest control
  • 🦗 Bee pest control
  • 🦡 Rodent control
  • 🐝 Flea control
  • 🐜 Silverfish control
  • 🔍 Pre-purchase pest inspection
  • 🦺 Emergency pest control services
  • 🤺 Same day pest control

Areas That Our Professionals Inspect Before Starting Pest Control Service

Inspecting areas helps in determining the various pests, actual reasons behind the infestation, habitats of the pests, etc. It also helps in determining the most suitable method for controlling pests.

  • Timber walls (all accessible timber)
  • Rood void and exterior
  • Interior of the building
  • The exterior of the building
  • Driveways, fencing & backyard
  • Under-floor space
professional pest control

Our Professional Approach To Control Pests

Our specialists have thorough knowledge and understanding of all types of pest infestations. They are also provided with proper training from time to time to deliver effective pest control services. Moreover, you can trust us fully for residential pest control Melbourne.

Below Are Our Effective Pest Control Approach

Inspection – Once your booking is confirmed, our specialists reach at your doorstep within a few hours and inspect the infected place minutely. A thorough inspection helps in recognizing the origin of the pest infestation and the best method for pest eradication.

Treatment – Depending upon the type of pest infestation, our professionals decide the best pest controlling method. We use eco-friendly chemicals for removing pests that are completely safe for your kids and pets.

Preventive Tips – Once the treatment is done, our professionals provide some best preventive tips to avoid getting any damage from pests in the future.

Post Inspection – For 100% satisfaction of our clients, our professionals revisit your place to ensure no pests are left.

Whenever you spot a pest at your beautiful home or workplace, give us a call @ 0488 851 646.

Pest Spray Services in Melbourne

Our professionals also provide spray services to control pest infestation. There are many pest sprays available in the market infused with harmful chemicals that can be dangerous for your kids and pets. We have been awarded as the best pest control company by our clients. Marks Pest Control uses nature-friendly sprays to kill these irritating pests most effectively. Our spray service offers long-lasting results and is affordable too. We also offer same-day spray service all across Melbourne. Contact us today for the desired results.

Same Day Pest Control Service Melbourne

Living with pests is the most annoying thing to do. Going for professional pest control is beneficial. To eradicate this ASAP, we offer domestic pest control and same day service for eliminating pests from your home and workplace. We are available 24×7 with the best pest eradication services. Pests inside your home or workplace cause different types of damage and health issues. That is why we use the best eco-friendly methods and chemicals to eradicate these harmful pests. Our professionals work dedicatedly and provide you with the desired results. Book us today for the best same-day service whenever you search for an “exterminator near me”.

Building Inspection Service Melbourne

We offer standard building inspections for pests. In this service, a special team of pest controllers first inspects the building thoroughly and then delivers the most accurate control measures. Moreover, our pest control is pocket-friendly.

Animal Removal Service Melbourne

At Marks Pest Control, we carry out the difficult task of animal removal from homes. Dealing with an animal is a bit risky. Therefore, only professional pest controllers can handle it. So, do book our animal removal service Melbourne, whenever in need.

Complete Pest Extermination Services in Melbourne, VIC & Surrounding Areas

Marks Pest Control Melbourne has a certified and experienced pest control specialist team. Some of our top-class services are described below.

possum catcher melbourne

Possum Catcher Melbourne

Are you looking for a possum catcher in Melbourne? Then you are at the correct place. We have a certified and best in class Possum removal team that provides the most effective service. In Melbourne, mostly two types of possums are found – Common Brushtail Possum & Common Ringtail Possum. We are qualified and equipped with the best instruments to remove both types of possums from your premises, be it dead or alive. So hurry and call us to book our possum catcher experts.

silverfish control melbourne

Silverfish Control Melbourne

One of the most demanding services in Melbourne is Silverfish Control service. It is a common pest found in most of the homes, that chew most of your valuables resulting in great damage to your property. Controlling it is also not an easy task, hence you should hire professionals to do so. Agreeably, our professionals are experienced and skilled in controlling silverfish. Call us today for complete and proper eradication of these annoying pests.

borer control melbourne

Borer Control Melbourne

Borers are small insects that damage your wood and timber property. The first and most common sign of borer infestation is the appearance of holes on wood or timber. Marks Pest control has years of experience in providing the best pest control services. Our professionals use advanced methods and techniques that will eradicate borers from your space in no time.

ant control melbourne

Ant Control Melbourne

Ants can be found anywhere and everywhere. They are the most common pests found in almost every home, that can easily ruin your food or sweet products, which will lead to health issues. Our experienced professionals use safe and eco-friendly products to terminate ants from your premises within 24 hours. Get in touch with us today for same-day ant control service.

moth control melbourne

Moth Control Melbourne

Moth infestation is a serious matter of concern as it can cause many health issues to your family and pets. There are different types of moths and moth infestation that can cause various problems. As moths and moths’ eggs are very hard to remove, it is always advisable to hire professional assistance. Our specialists are qualified and well-equipped with advanced techniques to eradicate all types of moths from your home and workplace quickly. Prevent damages and problems created by moth infestation by hiring Marks Pest Control today.

bee control melbourne

Bee Control Melbourne

Bee infestation should never be ignored as it is a serious threat to your family. They can sting you causing hurt and discomfort to you and your family. Bees can make their nests anywhere in your home or nearby. Marks Pest Control provides you with the best treatment to remove bees and bee nests from your home or workplace within 24 hours of booking. We also take preventive measures to stop its reoccurrence.

spider control melbourne

Spider Control Melbourne

Australia has so many varieties of spiders. Most of the people even have a spider phobia (Arachnophobia). Their presence can cause shivers down the spine and affects your peace of mind. Spider infestation may also attract other poisonous spiders who eat their kind. Thus, it is always recommended to get the help of professionals for controlling spider infestations. We, at Marks Pest Control, uses specialized methods and tools to get your home and workplaces completely free from spiders and spider webs.

tick treatment service

Tick Treatment Service

Ticks get attached to the skin of the animals sucking their blood. It hides beneath the fur of the animals which makes it difficult to detect. You can either remove hair from your animals,m which will make it visible, and then remove the ticks one by one or you can apply different solutions on their skin which kills the ticks. Or you can hire professionals for controlling and terminating their population completely.

fleas infestation removal in melbourne

Fleas Infestation Removal in Melbourne

If you are a pet lover and have a pet at your home, then most likely it might get fleas infestation. You will get an indication of the flea infestation if your pets keep on scratching continuously. If your pet gets flea infestation, it may be a case that you also get infected and suffer health issues. Marks Pest Control provides a high-level flea control service on the same day of booking. If fleas are irritating your lovely pets, then it’s your first duty to hire a professional flea controller.

rodent removal treatment melbourne

Rodent Removal Treatment Melbourne

Rats and mice at home or nearby are very harmful to your health. They spread many types of diseases and it is a necessity to remove all of them from your home and workplace. It is also very important to hire professionals to do so. We, at Marks Pest Control, use advanced methods for eliminating all types of rodents from your home and workplace. We also remove the dead rat from your place.

cockroach control melbourne services

Cockroach Control Melbourne Services

The presence of cockroaches in your home is an invitation to various types of diseases. Being small in size, cockroaches easily hide and save themself from the cleaning process. Cockroaches are considered ugliest and horrible creatures that carry pathogens, which may cause dangerous diseases. If you see a single cockroach inside your premises, then surely there are more hiding somewhere in your home. To eliminate these annoying and disgusting creatures, our professionals use effective tools and cleaning materials that do not harm your health in any way.

Wasp Control Melbourne

Our Pest Control Melbourne services include Wasp Control Service. Our wasp controllers offer quality treatment at fair prices. Wasps are a nuisance at your property that needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. So, if you have any pests at home do book us today!

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Seasonal Pests in And Around Melbourne

Some common seasonal pests in and around Melbourne include- bed bugs, termites and waps, etc. However, some of these pests come out more in different seasons. Therefore, we have a special seasonal pest control service for you. So, do hire us out for seasonal pests removal.

Home Fumigation Treatment

Marks Pest Control offers the best home fumigation services in Melbourne. Our technicians make use of specially designed fumigants to kill nasty pests. Moreover, our fumigation and pest control Melbourne services are safe. So, book an appointment today at 0488 851 646.

Commercial Pest Control Service

Your workplace may also get affected by various types of pests, including rats, mice, cockroaches, spiders, etc. that are harmful to you and your clients. It also puts a mark on your hygiene level. Marks Pest Control, Melbourne offers the best commercial pest control service at an affordable price. Some of the commercial places we cover are:

  • Restaurants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Storage Facilities
  • Retail Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Clubs
  • Nursing Homes
  • Health care
  • Shopping Centres
  • Educational Facilities

Pest Control for Homeowners in Melbourne

Marks Pest Control has a special team that offers residential pest control services on the same day of booking. Your family, kids, and pets’ health is our utmost priority. We thoroughly inspect your home and then apply the best-suited treatment method for controlling the pest infestation. We are available on a single call, at your doorstep, to eliminate these pesky pests from your home and most importantly, from your life.

Hire us and Say Good-Bye to All Pesky Pests

We are a trusted company in the field of pest control with a team of trained and experienced professionals. We use the most advanced tools and pest control methods at affordable costs. Our unbeatable services make us best and reliable in the industry. We provide all our services on the same day of booking. Our most important reward is our satisfied and happy customers. If you need emergency pest control service, then you don’t need to worry as we are available 24×7. Thus, hire us now for the best pest control services in Melbourne.

say good bye to all pesky pests

Pest Control Services in Eastern Suburbs

With 20 years of experience, we are trained in controlling all types of pests. Our professionals cover all locations of Melbourne including the Eastern Suburbs. We have a team of dedicated and certified professionals with us that remove all types of pests from your premises keeping your loved ones safe and healthy. Our team of pest exterminators is available on weekends and public holidays too.

Pest Control Services in Western Suburbs

Our pest control specialists visit the corners of Western suburbs with no extra cost. By using the most advanced and industry-oriented tools and techniques, we exterminate pests with complete dedication and safety. Our professionals efficiently terminate the presence of pests from your home and workplaces with appropriate knowledge and experience. Get in touch with us today for a free quote over the phone.

Melbourne Local Pest Exterminators

With 15 years of experience, our pest exterminator team have become experts in controlling all pests. Our multiple of Marks branches provide pest treatment services to clients. We understand local areas and seasonal insect trends; our local, fully-trained pest specialists offer the best pest control service as per your requirements.

pest control adelaide Pest Control Adelaide

Marks professionals cover all locations of Adelaide and nearby areas.

pest control brisbaneBrisbane Pest Control

Our pest controller operates in all regions of Brisbane and surrounding locations.

pest control sydney
Pest Control Sydney

Marks technician provides excellent service of pest control in all around Sydney.

pest control perth
Perth Pest Control

Our experts cover Perth and its surrounding area for pest extermination.

end of lease pest control

End of Lease Pest Elimination Services in Melbourne

Are you looking for the best end of lease pest control service provider in Melbourne? If yes, then you are in the right place. Marks Pest Control offers high-quality end of lease service to all residents of Melbourne. Moreover, our specialist pest control staff is active 24 X 7. It is the responsibility of the tenant that the rented property should be returned in the right condition to the owner. Hire our professionals today and get rid of the pest infestation issue. Hire us today and experience the best quality end of lease service.

pre purchase pest inspection

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection for Your Home

Before buying your dream home, make sure that your home is free from all types of pests. Marks Pest Control, Melbourne offers pre-purchase pest inspection of your home. All our services are budget-friendly and reliable. Your hard-earned money should not get wasted in buying or renting the wrong property. Thus, we advise all the homeowners to not delay the inspection and the treatments, accordingly.  Moreover, we offer pet friendly pest control Melbourne also. From spiders to roaches to flies to bees, we handle it all. Get in touch with our professionals and provide a safe environment to your tenants. End your search for “pest exterminators near me” and book an appointment today!



Melbourne’s Cost-Effective and Best Pest Control Packages

Everyday low price

residential pest control

Residential Pest Control

Pests in your home can hinder your and your family’s health. To avoid this, avail our residential pest control packages to enjoy a pest-free environment in and around your home.

commercial pest control

Commercial Pest Control

Pests can disturb the office environment to a high extent and is also hazardous for your employees’ health. Avail our commercial pest control packages to get rid of all types of pesky pests.

universal pest control

Universal Pest Control

In Universal pest control packages, we cover commercial as well as residential pest control. When you are seeking pest control services for both, your home and workplace, our universal pest control packages come to existence.

*Minimum call-out fee will be applied. For more information about pest control Melbourne price, packages, and services go through our terms & conditions.

Miller Hudson
Miller Hudson
Miller Hudson

My house was a mess, with cockroaches in my kitchen. I was able to get rid of my troubles with the help of Marks Pest Control Melbourne And, within my budget, by comparing multiple quotes. We appreciate and strongly recommend them to all.

Jack Smith
Jack Smith
Jack Smith

One of the best pest control services in Melbourne. They help me out in getting rid of rats from my home. They professionally do their work. I will highly recommend their services.

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