7 Signs you Might have Termites

Termites are the insects that can cause extensive damage to your property. They are known as the “silent destroyers” as they have the tendency to chew the wood, flooring, and wallpaper by remaining undetected. It is very important to control and eliminate this insect in order to protect your properties from this insect. First of all, it is crucial to identify the presence of termites in order to adopt effective strategies to get rid of them.

Below are The 7 Signs That Indicate That You Might have Termites.


    Usually, the very first sign of termite infestation is the presence of flying termites. They are also known alates or swarmers. The flying termites are the females and males that left the nest to find the partner and to establish a new colony.  Some of the species of flying termites attract towards the light.  If you see these flying termites near any light source then it is definite that they have made your properties as their own home.


    One of the signs of the presence of the termites is that they make clicking sounds. This sound comes when termites bang their heads against the surface of the wood. This can also be a result of termites shaking their bodies to send signals to other termites. If you pay attention to the sound coming out from wood or any other material infested by termites, you can hear them marching away.

  1. WHITE ANTS: –

    Usually, there is a lot of confusion between white ants and termites. This misconception is an easy one to make because termites and ants appear similar in shape and size.  Here, the main thing is that there is no such thing as a white ant. Therefore if you spot any insect that appears as the white ant, then you might have a termite problem.

    terrible termites why white ants are bad for your home


    If you are facing difficulty in opening doors and windows then it might be possible that your house has a termite infestation. When they eat to make the tunnel through doors and windows , they produce moisture. This can cause the wood to wrap and makes them hard to open.


    The termites eat wood from inside out, which makes them hollow and papery. They consume whole wood and the things which they leave behind are just the thin veneer of timber and paint. If you knock any wooden material and it sounds hollow then it is definite that termites have eaten it up.


    Tunnels or galleries are difficult to observe from the outside. But if you find them in broken wood then it is possible that termites have set up their camp in your building. There are various tools and techniques which are used for activities of termites and their tunnels. Sound detectors, microwaves, electronic odor detectors, borescopes, and X-ray are the important tools and techniques which detects the tunnel in woods.


    Frass-termite dropping is one of the key sign of the presence of termites and in particularly dry wood termites. This indicates the presence of termites and it is something that is always looked for during termite inspection. The subterranean termites and Dry-wood termites make their tunnels in different ways. Subterranean termites use their feces to make their tunnels whereas Drywood termites push their poo out of small holes near the entry point of their entrance. This act of building tunnels results in dark powdery substances. Small black marks around the area in which termites are infesting are also common.

These are the 7 signs that indicate that termites have set up the colony in your building. If you observe any of above signs then be alert as it is an indication that you might have termites. Once, you are sure about the termites’ infestation, adopt an appropriate method to get rid of these silent destroyers.

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