Australian Borer Species

If you do not want to get your expensive woodwork or timber replaced then you have to keep a check on the Australian borers. There are plenty of Australian Borer Species out there that can completely ruin your property by nibbling on all your timber. Most of these creatures are just larvae of beetles and moths but they are way more destructive than that. They mostly attack wet decaying timber and softwood. When you do not take care of Borer problem in your house, then you might have to get all timber and woods in your home replaced. However, if you get rid of them on time, you can prevent a lot of destruction.

Australian Borer Species

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    Species of Borers which are Mainly Found in Australia:-

    ➺ Lyctus Brunneus: – Lyctus Brunneus is presently considered as one of the most dangerous insects due to the damage they cause in worked woods. They mainly attack the timber woods and their larvae are infested by various parasitoid and predaceous insects. You know that timber is mostly found in western districts of Australia and the moisture of low in those areas, so that’s why these types of species are founded here.

    ➺ Hylotrupes Bajulus: – It’s one of the most injurious wood-boring insects inhabiting Australia. The larva of Hylotrupes Bajulus found in wood and they are established in most of the parts of Queensland. These types of borers are naturally developed in dying or dead yielding woods, but they are also found in pine timbers that should be treated by them. The black to gray beetles are 5/8 to 1 inch in length and possess long antennae and these types of species are mainly found in Australia.

    ➺ Ernobius Mollis: – These types of insects are oval-shaped beetle with short golden hairs giving it a reddish-brown color. The body darkens with age as the pale hairs are gradually worn away. These species mostly occur with the happening of anobiid bark beetle present in Australia. These are a minor pest that is found in sawn timber but cause no structural damage and are of little economic importance.

    How to Get Rid of Borers?

    Get the professional help to get of Australian Borer Species from your place and save your timber items in an efficient way. Our Pest Control experts will remove borer if you found yourself caught in the same situation amid heavy borer infestation. We make the use of high-end tools and eco-friendly pesticides for the removal of these pests. For more information about our services, contact us on 0488 851 646 today.

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    Australian Borer Species
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