Bedbug Control Melbourne

Bedbugs Control Melbourne

A bed bug can take away your night’s sleep. It is a small oval insect. Bed bugs hide so well in the bed that one doesn’t know what is creating the havoc all around. They can cause red bite marks on shoulders, back, and arms. The bugs can easily hide in the cracks and crevices, therefore making it impossible to detect.
Bed bugs thrive on blood which they suck while you are trying to sleep peacefully. Bedbugs Control Melbourne is of utmost importance as the bugs feast on human blood.

Bed Bugs Control Melbourne

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Possible Threats Posed by Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs may not cause infectious diseases. But, they are enough to cause discomfort and various health hazards as given below:

  • One of the most common problems of bed bugs is that you can’t have a good sleep anymore. If you are constantly bitten or even if you have the fear of being bitten, then obviously sleep is far from being with you.
  • There can be allergic reactions in some people due to the bed bug bites. You may also have hypersensitivity. This may cause anaphylactic shocks which can be severely life threatening.
  • Bed bug bites instigate scratching thus spreading infection. Whereas, if you get bed bug bites in some hotels or inns, you stand the chance of getting infected with someone else’s blood the bug has bitten before you.
  • Loss of proper sleep over a period of time can become taxing over your health and may even lead to stress and depression.
  • They also challenge the immune system due to stress, depression and lack of sleep.
  • It may become a cause of embarrassment if people come to know about bed bug infestation at your home and may even stop visiting you.

Bed bugs usually hide inside folds of mattresses and sheets, cracks and small holes in the bed and come out to feast on your blood when it’s dark. Bed bugs can breed in folds of curtains, carpet edges, electrical fixtures, wall hangings, cushions, couches, and wardrobes wherever it’s easy to get in.

The bed bugs remain well hidden thereby making the eradication of such an infestation difficult even with pesticides. It’s important to identify bed bug infestation soon to combat the problem at the earliest.

Bedbugs Control
Bed Bugs Infestation

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

  • First sign is when there are skin welts and bite marks which cause itching

The moment you find bite marks on your skin at several places don’t ignore. Check for bed bugs immediately.

  • Blood marks on bed sheets, mattresses and even on walls

Bed bugs swell after feasting on your blood. They squeeze or crush to leave the blood marks on the sheets.

  • Tiny eggs and eggshells and pale yellow nymph skin shed

Look for adults as well as nymph sized bed bugs immediately

  • Bed bug excrement which makes dark spots on beds

These dark spots about the size of a black spot can also be an indication of bed bug infestation.

Understanding Bed Bug Infestation – How it Occur?

Bed bugs usually find entry into your home through furniture, from things like backpacks, bags, and clothes which you carry to other places. You may have been to a movie theater where the seat might have had bed bugs which you carried back home or even a ride in a public transport may help you carry those bugs right into your home.

It’s very important that once you enter your home especially after a long ride in a public transport or after a visit to a public place or even after being back from a holiday, all the things you carried are clean and without any infection. It’s the responsibility of everybody to ensure that the bugs don’t get entry into the home or even get the chance to spread.

Bedbugs Control Melbourne: Preventing Bed Bug Infestation

  • The most important and effective way for Bedbugs Control Melbourne is by maintaining cleanliness. Inspect very room and vacuum and change sheets at regular intervals, using disinfectants.
  • Use adhesive tapes to remove bugs and eggs if the infestation is not out of control. Dispose the adhesive tapes and bags by incinerating them.
  • Wash the affected bed sheets in water with a temperature of above 60-degree centigrade. Applying heat to affected areas can also kill the bed bugs. Ensure that the heat is sudden and not gradual or else the bugs will move to another area.
  • Bed bugs can also be removed by putting affected cloth materials in the freezer for a stretch of 10 – 12 hours.
  • Use cryonite or dry ice. It is an effective non-chemical treatment for Bedbugs Control Melbourne.
  • Use hemical control in the form of pest control if the bugs are out of control. Ensure that the pest control company is licensed by Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). Dust, sprays, and pesticides are used after proper inspection of the affected areas.

Dealing with bed bugs isn’t easy as any kind of negligence may lead to an outbreak which can be out of control. Therefore, ensure that you prevent bed bugs rather than eradicating them.

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