Best Ways to Get Rid of Wasp

Wasps make us scared. Major people have a fear is they see a single wasp in their promises. It is a frightening pest to the children and the pet in our house. A wasp can fly swiftly around the home. They have a pack a powerful sting.

Wasp Pest Control
Wasp Pest Control

Know About Some Common Species of Wasps

Wasp is a good insect to make a balance in the environmental food chain. Wasp eats small insects and thus a harmony in the process of the food chain can be maintained. There are near about 30,000 varieties of identified Wasp in the world. Out of those, there are few common pests which are seen in human residence.

Yellow Jackets:

They have a 3/8” to 5/8” long body. This variety of wasp is found all around the world. They have a Yellow and black striped pattern along its body. They make their nest hanging inside structures.

Paper Wasps:

They are around ¾” to 1” long altogether. They are found in the color like brownish-black with yellow markings on the head and abdomen area. Mostly they are found in North America. Paper Wasps preferably build their nest near buildings, closer to the ground on plants especially. Their nest is made of a paper-like substance. Usually, they won’t sting unless you make them threatened.


The Average size of this insect is not more than 1.25”. They are found in black with light yellow stripes all over their body. You can find these insects commonly throughout tropical Asia. Hornets made their nests with paper-like material.

The aforesaid are a few varieties of wasps differ in their physical feature and behavior. It is important to know about them before attempting to remove a wasp infestation.

Wasps Pest Control Services
Wasps Pest Control Services

Difference Between Bees and Wasps

If you have a Wasp Pest Control at your place does not attempt to eliminate them on your own. Always seek the help of a professional Wasp nest removal service to handle the matter.

Learn about different kinds of wasp and in what way they are hazardous to your life before you attempt to get rid of them.

Many people do not differential between Wasps and Bees. They think both the insects are the same. Though there are many similarities yet Wasps and Bee are not the same. Bees have rounded bodies with a single section while wasps are slender.

The core difference between bees and wasps is that Bees feed on pollen while wasps depend on insects for their hunger. Honeybees always roam around a flower. Unlike a wasp, it dies once after stinging.

Bee and Wasps Pest Control Services
Bee and Wasps Pest Control Services

Professional Assistance

We Mark’s Pest Control are the best pest control solution in your area to deal with all kind of home pest. We have a special team for Wasp nest removal. Our skilled pest removal professional knows how to deal with the pest issue. Mark’s Pest Control gives you a cost-effective service at an affordable rate. Don’t miss the opportunity. Just call us to reach us. We will be at your doorstep in no time.

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