How to Keep Roaches Away from Home

Roaches Control Service

Cockroaches are the most harmful pests and can be easily prevented. Every homeowner wishes to live in a safe and roach free home. They are mostly found in the kitchen and cupboards. There are many ways through which these roaches make their way to your home and the most important thing is that they increase […]

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How to Remove a Dead Rat from the Roof?

Remove A Dead Rat From The Roof

Rodents, especially rats can trespass any corner of your home, including your roof.  They can cause endless destruction to your property and feel no remorse. But, what can be worse than seeing the destruction caused by the rat? A dead rat itself. That horrible sight can leave you in disgust and make you feel sick. […]

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Problems Posed By Rodent And Tips To Prevent Them

Rodent Control Service

Rodents are one of the dirtiest pests that come straight through the gutters and enters our homes through holes and openings. They are recognised to contaminate food, rent clothes and gnaw furniture as well. No house is safe from the rodent infestations and controlling them on own is not an easy task. Even the solutions […]

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