I still see pests!

This is a misunderstanding that pests go away right after the treatment. In reality, it takes a few weeks for the pests to completely disappear. You might witness some dead pests as a result of the treatment for some time. Pests coming out of their habitats is also due to the treatment done, which eventually kills them. In total, it takes 5-7 weeks for the treatment to eliminate pests.

It would be very helpful if you can clear the ground surface and edgy areas. Kitchen tabletops should also be cleared of food items.

We are into this business for more than 15 years.

We use a large variety of products, chemicals, and tools depending upon the infest situation. We will inform and discuss all the options with you. Also, all our products are eco-friendly and do not cause any harm to you or your family.

Yes, we do provide pre-purchase Inspections for your home and workplace.

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