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Marks Pest Control – A distinguished name for pest control Melbourne. With the expertise of more than 20 years. We have made thousands of people’s homes pest-free with our most effective fumigation service. Fumigation is a process of expert pest control that fills a space with non-toxic gases to stifle or kill the pests inside. It is utilised to kill insects in homes, loam, and seed. Fumigation works effectively only when the area is entirely closed. We offer our fumigation services to commercial and residential areas to protect your health from the presence of pests and kill pests including termites, cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs and gnats. We provide the most effective fumigation services to kill the pests from every corner of your house.

Pest Control Fumigation
Pest Control Fumigation

The Effective Procedure Of pest control Melbourne Fumigation

We follow a simple and efficient procedure for fumigation to kill pests. 

  • Fumigation is a safe and eco-friendly procedure that is only intended to affect pests.
  • The professionals that will be assigned for the job will pump up the entire area with non-toxic gases. 
  • These gases will suffocate the pests and make them run away from the place and some will die on the occasion.
  • Fumigation process only works effectively when the entire area is completely covered. 
  • After the fumigation process will be conducted carefully. The professionals will test the house air-quality with a tactful gas monitoring machine to ensure that it is innocuous to re-enter the structure.

Our Wide Range Of Fumigation Services

We provide our pest control Melbourne fumigation services to various areas including:

  • Void Container Fumigation:

    To reduce the prospect of ruin to your empty commodities, we conduct fumigation process with gaseous pesticides followed with high protection qualities and methods. We fill the void vessels with Methyl Bromide to stifle the concealed insects inside and eradicate them.
  • Freight Fumigation:

    Cargo is managed to stock goods and chattels including animal fodder, cereals and non-food horticultural commodities and move them from one area to another on the anchorage. Freights are uncovered to the peril of pests. Therefore, it is compulsory to exercise freight fumigation before freighting. Our freight fumigation is conducted in either thick, fluid or gaseous form to preserve the commodities from pest infestation.
  • Warehouse Fumigation:

    We provide effective warehouse fumigation services to your business to evade rotting and deterioration of stocked goods or commodities. Pests including rodents and other insects can be found at warehouse areas. They are possible to cause deterioration to your hoarded gains in the warehouse, affecting your trademark distinction. Our warehouse fumigation is taken out with the utilisation of phosphine that can enter under the seeds and saved goods and exterminate the territories spontaneously.
  • Timber Fumigation:

    We offer our fumigation services to exterminate pests that cause damage to the timber furniture. With the application of gaseous fumigants, we kill beetles and wood worms from timber. The fumigants are intensely impaled above all of the woods for sturdy pest treatment.

How Marks Pest Control Can Help

  • We are a group of experts that has been working in this Best Pest Control in Melbourne industry for more than 20 years.
  • We use only the up-to-date tools and eco-friendly machines for the process of pest control.
  • We are affordable.
  • Available on weekends too.
  • A leading and reputable company
  • 20 years of experience in this profession.
  • Approved and skilled technicians
  • Same day services are available
  • Emergency services are available too.

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