How To Check Unused Furniture For Bed Bugs

It is not good at all to have bed bug infestations on the furniture. Not only are these bed bugs annoying but are very dangerous too. Additionally, they are insolent creatures which do not get eradicated by the most prominent eradication methods. Therefore, it is very necessary to get rid of bed bugs on furniture. So, we have brought you some of the tips and tricks which will help you to check unused furniture for bed bugs.

How To Check Bed Bug Infestations On Furniture

Some of the inspection methods of bed bugs on furniture are as follows:

  • Place Furniture On White Sheet – Before buying a furniture, you must inspect it in contrast with a white coloured sheet. You just need to take a complete white sheet and need to put the furniture on it. Now inspect the furniture with a great concentration so as to find the bed bug infestations over it.
  • Rollover – Bed bugs generally live under the grooves or the cracks on the furniture. But sometimes it becomes very hard to identify those cracks and grooves. Therefore, you can rollover your hand or a card over the furniture. This will make it easier for you to identify the cracks, holes and grooves in the furniture. Apparently it will be helpful for the inspection of bed bug infestations over the furniture.
  • Illuminate Lower Or Dark Areas – Most of the species of bed bugs love to live in hidden and dark areas. Therefore, before buying furniture you must have a thorough look over the hidden spaces and dark regions of the furniture. You can inspect these regions with the illumination of a torch or high beam light.
  • Humid Regions Identifications – Bed bugs find it optimal to live in moist or wet regions. Therefore, if the furniture you are buying has humid wood or wood which is wet, then there are chances of bed bug infestations to be present there. So, do a complete inspection of the furniture so that it must not have humid or wet wood.
  • Heat Exposure – Bed bugs feel very uncomfortable if a light beam or a heat is projected towards them. This generally happens when they are exposed to direct sunlight or are going to be cleaned in hot water if they are present in something. These heat or light radiations keep the bed bugs away. Also, the bed bugs will try to escape if light or heat rays fall towards them. Therefore, it will be easy for a person to identify their infestations.

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