How to Get Rid of Ants in Home?

There’s a fact that ants have more weight than the entire human race of the world. The population of ants is nearly twice that of humans. Thus ants in the home are a common problem. If your kitchen and bedroom are full of ants, and you want to get rid of them, this blog is for you. 

Ants Pest Control Service

Where They Come From?

Summer and rainy seasons are the peak seasons in which ants come in our home. In summer, they come into our homes to get shed from extreme heat and in rainy seasons, they come because of outside water. They can come to your home if you have sweets or sugary substances or eatables. 

How to Get Rid of Them?

There are several ways from which you can get rid of ants. Below are the ways:

  1. Remove Ants Inviting Food:

    Remove the foods which invite ants into your homes such as sugary foods, sweets, and syrups. Put all of them to the fridge so you can use them whenever you want. If you have pets in your home, and you’ll feed them inside the house, put a coat of water around their bowl so the ants can not cross the water. If you can’t do this, feed them outside.
  2. Make Barriers:

    Ants secrets a chemical which they follow for remembering their holes. If you made a barrier on their way, they forget their way. Ants do not like the powder materials such as baking powder, chalk and baby powder. You can use these things to make a barrier for them.
  3. Use Acid or Gap Filters:

    As you know ants leave a chemical trail behind them for telling others where they should go for food. Ants hate acidic things such as lemon and vinegar etc. just drop some drops of vinegar or lemon juice on their way to distract them. Or filling gap filters is the best way to stop them. 
  4. Using Turmeric:

    Ants mostly come inside our house for food. The simplest way to stop ants is to just sprinkle one or two pinches of turmeric around the hole of ants and on their walking path. They do not come outside their hole and they have to make another hole outside your house searching for food.
  5. Ant Repellent:

    There are so many ant repellents available in the market. Buy any of them and apply it outside their hole or their walking path. 

Take Professional,s Help

Controlling pests like ants are not a cup of tea. But These are some simple home remedies for ant control. If these steps are not working, you should take a professional’s help. Marks Pest Control in Melbourne provides the best pest control services. Our professional pest controllers are certified and well trained with years of experience. We are the leading pest control service providers. Contact us for any help.

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