How to Get Rid of Ants with 10 Smart Home Remedies

Do you find the big ant queues wherever you see inside your home? Is your home affected by the ants and you want to get rid of them? Then here are some natural and inexpensive techniques to eliminate ants’ infestation. The good news is that there are so many  ways to kill ants without any chemical spray that there’s really no need to turn to them. You can create your own ant spray with the smart home remedies, which take out all the ants from a whole nest, and deter ants from coming inside, all without any chemical products.

10 Smart Home Remedies to Get Rid of Ants

Get rid of ants in your kitchen, home, yard and bathroom using our smart home remedies. We will walk you through the some Smart products which are available in your home. lets have a look –

Marks Ant Control in Melbourne

Marks Ant Control in Melbourne

  • Lemon or Peppermint Flavored Water

    Lemon or any other citrus fruit juice can work wonders in removing the ants from your home. Lemon juice does not kill the ants but its smell competes with the scent trails that ants leave while moving from one place to another. This disrupts the path of the ants following them and thus break the ant flow.

    You have to simply sprinkle the lemon juices in the area affected by ants and all of them will be gone in minutes.

  • Block the Entrance

    Usually, the ants move in long queues. There is always an entrance or passage in your home from where they can get in. You just have to do one thing; block that passage and this will prevent their entry into your home.

  • Borax

    Make a liquid solution using borax, sugar, and water. Dip a cotton ball inside and apply the solution at the affected sites. This will act as a solid ant repellent and the ants will disappear within minutes.

  • Keep your Home Clean

    Last but not the least, in fact, the most important point is to keep your home neat and clean and maintain the hygiene around. An unclean place becomes home for the ants to attack. Thus, clean your house regularly.

  • White Vinegar

    Make boundaries with the help of white vinegar. It will block the passage for ants inside the home.

  • Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

    You can put these diatomaceous earth inside the grain bags, sugar boxes and various other food packets to prevent the attack of ants on them. As this is a food grade product, it doesn’t cause any smell or affects the food items adversely. This DIY helps a lot to the farmers for storage purposes.

  • Bay Leaves

    If you have small children and pets in your home and you don’t want to go for chemicals or pesticides, try using bay leaves. Just grind the dried bay leaves and sprinkle it on the head of the anthill in your lawn. It will really help.

  • Chalk

    The chalk you used to see in schools helps a lot to Ant Control in Melbourne. The reason is the chalk contains calcium carbonate that interferes with their ability to trace the path followed by other ants. You can use the chalk stick or even the powdered chalk to make boundaries.

  • Petroleum Jelly

    The ants find it nearly impossible to cross sticky surfaces. And petroleum jelly can do wonders in this case. So, applying the same at the affected site is surely going to help.

  • Burn Down the Ant Hill

    Ants Pest Control Services in Melbourne

    Ants Pest Control Services in Melbourne

    You can also search for the origin of ants and can destroy it. An anthill is a home for all ants. Place a pot upside down on the anthill to cover it and pour hot boiling water over it. It will break in few moments and thus the ants, including the queen, also get destroyed.

    These were a few reliable ways through which you can get rid of ants at your place. However, if the ants’ infestation is severe, it is highly recommended to hire ants control company and let them do the job for you.

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    Why the Professionals Instead of These Homely Methods?

    The professional’s service will be better in order to get rid of the ants within no time. The homely methods are not proven so when we try these for eradicating the ant’s population, we give time to the ants for its growth. The infestation keeps on increasing and we think that the method is not helpful. You can hire the best professionals from Mark’s Pest Control, as the team from us Local Pest Control Perth is known for eradicating the pests of all kinds effectively, the same condition will be with the ants.

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