How to Get Rid of Ants

How to Get Rid of Ants Permanently in the House Especially in Kitchen – If you found one ant, there is a chance of a thousand ants. If ant infestation is happening in your house, you’ll need to eliminate it fast. Its time to think about how to get rid of ants outside and inside […]

How to Get Rid of Ants Permanently in the House Especially in Kitchen – If you found one ant, there is a chance of a thousand ants. If ant infestation is happening in your house, you’ll need to eliminate it fast. Its time to think about how to get rid of ants outside and inside of the home. There are various natural ways to eradicate ants and a colony of ants in your house without any chemical solution that there’s no requirement to turn to them. You can create your ant eradication with the quick home remedies, which take out all the small ants from a whole nest and deter ants from coming inside, all without any chemical products. Put an end to the most significant ant issues with reasonable products and save the hiring controller’s cost.

Common Type of Ants

Australia is residence to many insects and plenty of ants, some of the most common species of ants are:

➥ Carpenter Ants 

Carpenter ants create nests inside the timber and eat out with their jawbones, in dead or wet wood. They do not sting usually but can have painful stings and emit an overpowering acidic smell when excited.
Carpenter Ants

➥ Red Ants

Many species of ants are red, Many times people will call ants “red ants” because people do not know the exact name. Some people call fire ant The bodies of adult fire ants distributed into three parts: the head, the abdomen, and the middle, with 3 pairs of legs and a pair of antennae. 

red ants

➥ Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are not hazardous to people. Most sugar ants come from outside your house in search of food and water. Once an ant gets a meal or water stores, it produces a pheromone trail for other ants to follow the route.

sugar ants

➥ Black Ants 

Black Ant can give painful bites. Their jowls provide a small quantity of formic acid to create a long-lasting burning outcome. If you detect black ants crawling around your residence, it will quickly be a definite increase in your property. 

black ants

How to Recognize the Signs of Ants

If you do notice below indications that mean you have an ant infestation in your house:

➥ Live Ants 

If you notice live ants in your home, there may be ants’ infestation.

➥ Ant Nest

Nest of ant in your home is another sign. Entry points of ants look like a tiny pile of dirt, soil, or dust with a minor hole in the center.

➥ Ant Pathway 

There may be ants’ infestation in your premises if you see an ant trail in and around your home.

➥ Check Moist Area

Carpenter ants love the moist area or wet wood, so any moisture-prone place in your house can attract ants. Watch for ants near your bath and kitchen area. They will also hide around the leaky pipe area. 

What Attracts Ants in the House?

Do you see lots of ants in your home? Don’t panic. You can control once you get complete information about what is the cause behind their infestation. There are some general reasons that lead to the infestation of ants. We are describing below-

➥ Water from leaking Pipe

Ants require water for creating their nest. And with several nests they build colonies. If your home’s outside area is dry, then ants start moving into your home in search of water. As per research, it is stated that mostly infestation of ants occurs in the summer season, during winter rainstorms. So leakage or some water source inside your home attracts ants in your residential place.

➥ Safe Nesting Space

Ants search for a safe place to build their nest. They do not make their nest deep inside the ground. Ants create nests behind the walls of your home foundation. You can check out the nest of ants at the exterior of your home, crevices, and gaps.

➥ Plants & Trees as Bridges

If you have many plants nearby your home, then also ants get attracted to your home. They use these as the bridge for entering inside gaps and safe places in your home. 

➥ Pesticide Application

If you have used pesticides in your garden, then the ants that are not affected by the pesticides move to the safe place, i.e. inside your home.

14 Natural Ways To Get Rid of Ants Fast

If you are searching for getting rid of ants with the best ant repellent, then make annoying ants issues of history with our effortless solutions. Get rid of ants in your kitchen, home, yard and bathroom using our smart home remedies. We will walk you through some Smart products which are available in your home. let’s have a look –

➥ Hand Soap

You can hand soap to eliminate ants. Foamy water excludes the smell of ant pheromones. Use it on ant tracks and entry points of ants in your home. Without pheromone paths to follow, ants are incapable of interacting with each other.

➥ Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil eradicates ants. Mix 4 to 8 drops of tea tree oil with two bowls of water and keep in a spray bottle. If the smell of the solution is too strong, try to make a mixture with a combination of tea tree oil with peppermint oil and water. This ant spray is the best tiny ant killer instantly.

➥ Cornstarch

For large no. of ants, you can use cornstarch to exterminate them. Liberally pour cornstarch over the entire group of ants, and add water on top. This will be messy, but the result will be lots of dead ants encased in cornstarch. You can also cover the ants with cornstarch and then vacuum them up instead of using water. Make sure to dispose of the sealed vacuum bag outdoors immediately.

➥ Coffee Grounds

For the fastest and natural way to get rid of ants outside and inside, you can use coffee grounds. For making this ant repellent needs you to brew the coffee. Sprinkle brewed coffee grounds near areas where ants are attracted, such as pet containers and plants. You can also place the coffee grounds on the doorstep. The solution may lose their strength once they’re dry, so make sure to replace them periodically.

➥ Lemon or Peppermint Flavored Water

Lemon or any other citrus fruit juice can work wonders in removing the ants from your home. Lemon juice does not kill the ants but its smell competes with the scent trails that ants leave while moving from one place to another. This disrupts the path of the ants following them and thus break the ant flow.

You have to simply sprinkle the lemon juices in the area affected by ants and all of them will be gone in minutes.

How to kill ANTS in HOME

➥ Block the Entrance

Usually, the ants move in long queues. There is always an entrance or passage in your home from where they can get in. You just have to do one thing; block that passage and this will prevent their entry into your home.

➥ Borax

Make a liquid solution using borax, sugar, and water. Dip a cotton ball inside and apply the solution at the affected sites. This will act as a solid ant repellent and the ants will disappear within minutes.

➥ Keep your Home Clean

The most important point is to keep your home neat and clean and maintain the hygiene around. An unclean place becomes home for the ants to attack. Thus, clean your house regularly.

➥ White Vinegar

Make boundaries with the help of white vinegar. It will block the passage for ants inside the home.

➥ Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

You can put these diatomaceous earth inside the grain bags, sugar boxes and various other food packets to prevent the attack of ants on them. As this is a food-grade product, it doesn’t cause any smell or affects the food items adversely. This DIY helps a lot to the farmers for storage purposes.

➥ Bay Leaves

If you have small children and pets in your home and you don’t want to go for chemicals or pesticides, try using bay leaves. Just grind the dried bay leaves and sprinkle it on the head of the anthill in your lawn. It will really help.

➥ Chalk

The chalk you used to see in schools helps a lot to Ant Control. The reason is the chalk contains calcium carbonate that interferes with their ability to trace the path followed by other ants. You can use the ant chalk stick or even the powdered chalk to make boundaries.

➥ Petroleum Jelly

The ants find it nearly impossible to cross sticky surfaces. And petroleum jelly can do wonders in this case. So, applying the same at the affected site is surely going to help.

➥ Burn Down the Ant Hill

You can also search for the origin of ants and can destroy it. An anthill is a home for all ants. Place a pot upside down on the anthill to cover it and pour hot boiling water over it. It will break in a few moments and thus the ants, including the queen, also get destroyed.

These were a few reliable ways through which you can get rid of ants at your place. However, if the ants’ infestation is severe, it is highly recommended to hire ants control company and let them do the job for you.

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4 Solid Ant Prevention Tips

Keep clean home 

when any food or liquid spills on the floor, immediately clean that area. Regularly sweep and vacuum your house to avoid ants. 

Store food in sealed containers

Food item specially sweet food attract ants in your premises. To prevent ants infestation, store your food items in a sealed container.

Block Entry point

Ants enter your home through small holes and cracks. Seal all cracks and holes because that is the entrance of ants in your home.

Use Sealed Lid Dustbin

Make sure all trash bins have tightly sealed lids. Because trash bin also invite ants in your place.

If Nothing Works Hire Professionals for Getting Rid of Ant 

If your marching plans are not working and a few ants turn into an army, Call a specialist to come to examine your house so they can recognize the ant varieties and well eradicate them.

The professional’s assistance will be better to get rid of the ants inside and outside the home quickly. Sometimes DIY are not proven, so when we try these for exterminating the ant’s population, we give time to the ants for its growth. The infestation continues growing, and we think that the method is not suitable. You can hire the best specialists from Mark’s Pest Control, as the team is known for killing ants of all kinds efficiently.

hire marks professional for ant control

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Lastly, we would like to say that if you are facing problems with an ant infestation, then you try our described DIY techniques. These techniques are well proved for controlling ants. But on the other side if you do not get satisfactory results, then you can contact professionals of Mark’s Pest Control. Mark’s specialists are available 24×7 hours to offer you ant control services at affordable prices. 

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