How to Get Rid of Rats in 9 Easy Steps

Do you sense some abnormal activity in your house? Is someone scratching something? Well, it is not the neighbors, but you might have been infested with rats and mice.

Expert Rats Control

Expert Rats Control

Thankfully, here are a few ways by which you can get rid of rats from your place. Let’s have a look for the easy steps to get rid of all the rats and mice from your house.

  • Prepare a Rattrap

    There is a varied range of rattraps available in the market that either kill or hold the rats in the trap. However, killing traps should be avoided as they are way too inhumane. Usually, the rats have a strong tendency to cut out the plastic material of the traps with their teeth and escape from there. This is the reason why live traps made up of steel wires should be used. Put some cheese inside the trap and you are done with the rats in your home or office.

  • Dried Snake or cat Litter and Owl’s Feather

    Rats usually get scared from natural predators like snakes, cats, and owls. So just bring some dried snake or cat litter or owl feather from a nearby zoo and put it in their holes. The rats will disappear out of fear in no time.

  • Human Hair

    Yes, the human hair acts as a toxin for the rats. Just search for the place where rats generally appear and put some human hair strands at that place. The rats will feed on them and will die immediately. The human hair has some toxic materials not fit for the rats.

  • Onion

    Rats usually can’t withstand the smell of onions. They get repelled by the pungent smell of the onion. So putting a slice of onion outside their hole will definitely work out.

  • Maintain Hygiene

    The basic key to avoiding all the rodents in your house is to switch to cleanliness. Do not litter around and always keep your food items covered. Groom your house properly and maintain hygiene, especially in the kitchen. This will prevent the rats from entering your home.

  • Rat Repellent Sprays

    If you want to use some chemical methods, then rat repellents are a good option. These sprays are applied directly to the area where the rats usually reside. This method works very effectively and kills the rats by taking them out of the house. You can use it in the kitchen as well as they are food grade sprays.

  • Moth Balls

    These balls also act as a repellent for the rats and the rats usually don’t come near them. You can easily put these balls in your cupboards and other places where you find the rats. It will definitely work in your favor and will help you get rid of the rats.

  • Call for Professional Help

    Apart from all the natural and chemical methods, you can also contact a professional rodent control  team who will help you get rid of the rats in your house or office. They have their own tricks and tactics to deal with the pests and rodents. It will definitely help you a lot.

  • Bay Leaves

    Rats consider the bay leaves as their food but in actual, the bay leaves contain toxins that are unsuitable for them. So put some bay leaves in front of their holes and the moment they feed on them they will die immediately.

    That said, we hope that this article would have helped you in dealing with rats. If you are facing a serious rat infestation, you should hire a professional pest controller for at least one time pest inspection in a month at home.

Rats Pest Control

Rats Pest Control

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