How to Get Rid of Wasps

Pests no matter which one, are a major concern of homeowners. No matter what the time of year it is, pests will invade the house and will cause an infestation that can be a pain to deal with. Among those pesky pests in your yard or house is wasp.

Wasps are dangerous and aggressive which are hard to handle. Their sting is very painful and in some people can cause allergic reactions. Once they infest your house or yard it become hard to get rid of them on your own. That’s why it becomes essential to hire a wasp pest control company to eliminate them successfully.

If you are tight on budget or are still adamant that you can and want to eradicate the wasp nest on your own, here are a few ways through which you can get rid of them naturally.

Wasp control

      • Soap Solution Spray: –

        Prepare a soap solution and spray it directly on the wasp nests. The soap solution sticks to the wasps and dehydrates them. Due to excessive dehydration, their metabolism stops and thus they die easily.

      • Prevention: –

        Wasps are usually attracted to sweet things like nectar juices, perfumes, and lotions. So these things must be avoided to some extent. Also, keep the food properly covered to avoid them. After all, prevention is much better than cure.

      • Smoke Them Out: –

        Burn a grill just below the wasp nest and let it’s smoke move upwards. As soon as the smoke reaches to the nest it will seep into it and the wasps will come out of suffocation. When you become assure that there is no wasp remaining in the nest, break out the nest using a stick and dip it into the soap solution to kill any remaining wasp or eggs. This method will surely work to get you rid of the wasps.

    How To Get Rid Of Wasp Nest Infographic

    • Plant The Wasp Repellents

      There are some plants in nature that act as a repellent for the wasps. So to get rid of the wasps, just plant some trees like eucalyptus and wormwood. They are both attractive as well as effective for removing the wasps.

    • Design a Fake Nest

      Make a nest of paper or some other material to fake the wasps and get them trapped in it. However, this trick can be done in the earlier stages when the wasps are finding some effective places to build their nests.

  • Peppermint Oil

    You can even make a natural insecticide with the help of peppermint spray. Mix 1000 ml of water with 30 drops of peppermint essential oil in a spray bottle and simply spray it on the wasp nest. It is a very effective method and really works.

  • Knock The Nest Down

    The best way to get rid of these wasps is to knock the nest down at its earlier stages from time to time. This will demotivate the wasps from building the nest and they will move somewhere else.

  • Drown The Nest

    Another way is to cover the nest with a cloth bag and simply put it in the water tank. The wasps will die after drowning in the water. This will really help.

Call for Professional Help

If the nest is not in its earlier stages and if you want to kill the wasps quickly, then contact any nearby professional wasp exterminator instead of using your own tactics. Our experts are professionally trained to use a variety of pest control products to handle and remove any type of wasp nests in the safest and efficient manner. Obviously, this will make you spend some pennies, but the result will be much more effective and long-lasting.

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