How to Remove a Dead Rat from the Roof?

Rodents, especially rats can trespass any corner of your home, including your roof.  They can cause endless destruction to your property and feel no remorse. But, what can be worse than seeing the destruction caused by the rat? A dead rat itself. That horrible sight can leave you in disgust and make you feel sick. Removing dead rats from your roof is a difficult task that requires courage as well as care, and here we are explaining, how you can do it effectively. 

Marks Pest Control Service
Marks Pest Control Service

You Can Follow The Below-Given Steps to Find and Remove The Dead Rats from The Roof:

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Dead rat in the roof? Get them out with the help of the method suggested by experts. Dead rats are health hazards when present in or around the home. The sight of dead rat is horrifying and the smell is intolerable. So, it’s important to eliminate dead rat from your home at the earliest. Or you can also hire us to escape the trouble.

  1. Poisoned Bait, Trap or Pesticides Place: –

    Carefully inspect the areas of the roof where poisoned bait, trap or pesticides has been kept. Most of the rats do not go outside to die, you can find them near the traps and baits. They are social animals and live in groups. When you find a dead rat, there are more chances that you will find another near it. Remove A Dead Rat From The Roof

  2. Follow Rats Droppings: –

    You can follow their droppings to find a place where they are dead. They love to die at the place where they have lived for more time. So when they feel like it, they move towards that place. You can also look into the bags, sacks or anything used as storage on the roof. The dead rats might be there.

  3. Dead Rat Smell: –

    The smell of a dead rat can take you to the right place where you will find dead rats. Use your sense of smell and get to the target site. There is no modern way to find the dead rats so it is done manually. Look into the expected corners of the roof. Remove A Dead Rat From The Roof

  4. Between Ceiling and Roof: –

    Get a ladder and light source and look into the ceiling. You might find some of them hanging dead. There are lots of gaps and spaces between the ceiling and the roof above it, and the rat may be located there. Sometimes, the dead rats can be found in between ceiling and roof gaps as this is the best place to hide.

  5. Collection and Disposal: –

    Using the above steps you can easily locate all the dead rats. Get ready to face the dead rats with a face and a respiratory mask. Arrange a strong polybag to collect the dead rats. Lift them with a gloved hand and put in the polybag. Do the same for all the expected place on the roof. With this, you will be able to remove all the dead rats from the roof effectively. Remove A Dead Rat From The Roof

Hiring Professional Dead Rat Removers

Removing dead rats and their safe disposal is very necessary, but DIY can be unhealthy. We recommend you to call for professional dead rat removers. The professionals can easily find and collect dead rats from the roof. Being aware of all the rules and regulations professionals can dispose of them safely. So why to worry, call Mark’s Pest Control and get it done by our professionals.