How to save your home from termites

Termites are those insects, which make their colonies below the ground or in wooden objects.   They mainly eat tress, dead plant and wooden material. The termites infestations in a house can be a major trouble for homeowner as they can eat the wood material and it can lead to a significant financial loss. There are different types of termites like subterranean and dry wood termites and both types of termites can damage your property alike. While it is difficult to eliminate the termites, it is important to adopt the appropriate strategies to get rid of them. Below are some of the effective methods which you can adopt to get rid of the termites and restrict them from returning back in future.

1.     Finding termite infestation

The best way to eliminate the termites from home is to identify the termite infestation. There are different things which you must consider in order to identify infestation.  There are different signs which you must notice in order to identify the termite infestation. Look for termite wings, dead termites, or termite poop. These are signs that indicate the termite infestation. People often get confused between the white ants and termites but the important thing here is that there is nothing like white ant, they are also termites.

The key difference between an ant and termite is that antenna of the ant is bend whereas the antenna of termites is straight. Another way to identify the termites infestation is to examine the wood present in your house for small hole like openings or sawdust like particles. Drywood termites make their home in dry wood whereas subterranean termites stay in the ground. The other way is to knock on a wall which is non-hollow to watch if they have been eaten up by the pests which are usually termites. Termites eat the wood from inside out make it hollow. The wall or objects infected by the termites make a thud sound on knocking.

2.     Getting rid of the termites

There are different ways to eliminate the termites. The best way is creating a hindrance around your house by using liquid termiticide treatment. Termicide treatment is chemical that not only kills the termites but also keeps your house safe from termites infestation. You can create a fence around the perimeter of the house to prevent termites from setting their colony in your house.  The use of termite or pest bait is also an effective method to eliminate this insect.  Termite bait is a position that slowly kills the termites.  Nematodes can also be used to vanish the termites. Nematodes are the roundworms that eat the termites.  If nothing works, you can call professionals for the help.  Calling a professional can cost you money but it is an effective method to solve the problem of termites.

3.     Preventing future infestations

Killing termites is not the end game; you have to prevent the future termites’ infestations.  There are different ways in which you can prevent the future termites’ infestations. You must get the termite check done annually by professionals. A professional can give you helpful advice to avoid or eliminate the termite infestation. You must also make sure that professionals offer a guarantee for the service.  The other way to prevent termite infestation is to remove the cellulose mixed debris from around your building.

You should also eliminate the wood to floor contact in your house as termite can easily make way towards your house if wood is in touch with the soil.  You may get your house inspected for termites. It is very easy to set the termites’ barrier with Termicide before construction of your house.  The last but not the least way is to remove termite infestation by filing crevices in your house.  You must ensure that there are no cracks or gaps in house as it can invite the termites.

The above mentioned ways are effective in protecting the house from the termite infestations.

Professional termite control services-

While you might not be very clear regarding how to get rid of termites from every corner, the professionals are the right people to consult. They have in- depth knowledge regarding the termite control procedure and hence can make your residential or commercial space 100% termite-free. Search for a pest control company as usually they take care of termite removal as well.

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