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Marks Pest Control Broadford – We offer professional pest removal service for commercial & residential area. We provide crawling pest treatment, flying pest treatment & rodent removal service at the lowest rate. Broadford is a small town in state Victoria, Australia & is approximately 73 km north of Melbourne. We offer best quality pest removal service including Ants Extermination, Bed Bugs Removal, Bees Extermination, Cockroach Control, Fleas Control, Fly Control, Mice Control, Possums Control, Rats Extermination, Silverfish Control, Spiders Control, Termite Control, Cats, Borers, Booklice, Carpet Beetles, Stored Product Pests, Pantry Moths, Ticks, Fruit Flies, Wasp, Pigeon, Birds, Bird Lice, Mosquitoes Control, Scorpion control, Slug control & Snakes control.

Are undesirable bugs like ants, termites, cockroaches, etc are irritating in your home and you are searching for the best solution for them? By then look no forward and call to Marks Pest Control experts. We are serving individuals living in Yallambie for more than 10 years. Marks Pest Control Broadford is known for the quality we give. Likewise, moreover, we use nonchemical and odor-free treatments that are alright for pets just as children in the house. We have all the pest expulsion services which customers can request and furthermore we give customize strategy on the same day of the booking.


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    #1 Local Pest Controller Broadford

    Marks pest control Broadford is a renowned and trusted name for best and professional pest control service in Broadford. We are the team of most experienced and knowledgeable technicians who know all the methods and techniques to eradicate all the pests from your residence and business. Our expert technicians provide you the top-rated and world-class pest extermination service at your premise at the affordable price. We offer you all kinds of pest control service that includes cockroach removal, termite extermination, bees and wasp control and many other pests. So don’t worry for the pest presence and their infestation at your place, contact us now. We will offer you the best service with amazing results and 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

    What is Makes Pest Control Specialities?

    Marks pest control Broadford is the specialist of pest control methods and industry who can solve all your pest control issues with ease. Our professional pest experts know the nature and movement of pests and how they can damage your property. They are well known in all kinds of methods to keep the pests away from your place. Marks pest control technicians are compatible for all kinds of pest removal service. We have years of experience in the industry with thousands of satisfied customers, that has made us on top.

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    Local pest control Broadford

    2020 Special Pest Control Service Prices

    What is more best than getting the most needed pest control service at the affordable price? Yes, it is true. Marks pest control Broadford provides you the best, professional and expert pest control service at the competitive price. We never say it, we have done it. We never only say that we provide you with effective service at a low price, but we actually provide it because for us, customer satisfaction is all.

    Our technicians understand the importance of pest control service and your hard earned income too, so we have kept our service affordable so that you get wonderful pest control treatment without hurting your budget. So, don’t lose the opportunity of getting the best service at the right price. Contact us now to book our special discounted service and get amazing results. 

    Get Special Discounts on Our Services

    We at Marks Pest Control run special deals and discounts on our pest removal and control services. The services we provide to our clients at residential, commercial and industrial spaces are highly commendable, safe and affordable and believe in providing the best value for money. Moreover, to keep our customers happy, we run many discount offers. The customers can also avail our festive deals and offer. So, wait no more, and grab our special deal of the day today.

    Eco-Friendly Pest Control Service Broadford

    Marks pest control Broadford is a family owned and operated business who offers qualitative and eco-friendly pest control treatment to you at the affordable price. Our licensed and trained pest controllers specialise in all kinds of pest control treatment and thus cleans up your place with advanced equipment. We believe that the environment is the most important part of our life, and thus to protect this environment from pest attack and infestation. We keep your satisfaction and safety at the top so we just make use of fine methods to treat all kinds of pest in your premises.  We provide non-toxic and eco-friendly pest control treatment. Our service is completely safe for everyone and does not harm anyone. Our treatment protects you from pests and keeps your home environment fresh and clean. For eco-friendly and green pest extermination service, Marks pest control Broadford to keep your home and business protected. 

    Book today for the best pest control in Broadford and enjoy 15% discount on the services now!

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    Do Broadford Really Needs Pest Control Professionals?

    Yes, they do. There is no place in this universe which is free of pests and so is Broadford. People of Broadford do also face the problem of pests at their place and search for the professionals of pest controllers who can solve their pest worry and issues in no time. So here we are. Marks pest control Broadford provides you the world-class and trusted pest eradication service that will completely eliminate all the pests from your place at once. Even if you are trying various home remedies at your place to control pests, you can only prevent them at one extent but after then, you need professional pest controllers only. So contact us now. 

    But, the case is completely different for the professional pest controllers.

    • Professionals know the hiding places of the pests
    • They possess the right equipment for pest treatment
    • Professionals have the right chemicals to deal with the pests
    • They have the right knowledge for the treatment of different pest

    Marks Pest Control is constantly marking itself as the number one company for Pest Control.

    Broadford’s Premier Pest Control Specialists

    Marks Pest Control Broadford is #1 Pest Exterminator Broadford company. We offer commercial and residential pest control services at affordable prices.

    As one of leading Broadford’s Marks Pest Control Company, We deliver you an experienced and highly skilled Pest Control Specialists to you. We provide all kind of pest control services across Broadford.

    Here at Marks Pest Control, We obtain a personal approach to all types of pests and insects control. Our Pest control specialists are trustworthy and honest with homeowners and businesses. We offer reliable and valuable pest prevention and pest control programs.

    Commercial pest control Broadford

    Our Professional Approach to Make Your Place Pest-Free

    Marks pest control Broadford is the renowned and trusted name in the pest control industry. We are the professional, best, prompt, reliable and effective pest control service provider company. Our all the pest control treatment is just best and trusted that you can easily rely on our service and rest assured of the service we have given to you. We follow a step to step approach for pest control treatment, that means our methods are performed in systematic order so that no pests are left from our hand. Our all the pest eradication service is so good that after getting our treatment, you will never forget our name and will always remember us whenever you need pest control treatment. If you want to know how we deal with pests or how do we make your place pest-free, read the point given below:

    • The professionals in the team use their experience in the pest control treatment in Broadford.
    • Our professionals use specialised solutions for the pest extermination to remove even the smallest of the pest.
    • The team of our Pest Control Broadford uses the latest techniques and products for effective results, focusing on the minimal damage to the environment, and your health.
    • Give protection against the harmful pest, and make your home or office a healthy and safe place.

    Premier pest control Broadford

    Pest Inspection for Your Business

    Pests are not a common problem at the residential places but also at the commercial places which need care and immediate decision of hiring a professional for pest control. No business is protected from pest attacks so it is necessary that you get pest inspection service at your place.  Pest inspection service tells you how much is the problem and which method will be proven effective for pest control problems. It is necessary to get regular pest inspection service at your place so that you can make the right decision at the right time of hiring professionals of pest extermination. So don’t lose the opportunity of getting the right service at the right time,  and contact Marks pest control Broadford for best and expert pest inspection of your business.

    Broadford’s most Trusted Pest Control Company

    We offer the following local pest control Broadford, treatment and removal services in Broadford.

    ant control

    Ants Control Broadford

    bedbugs control

    Bed Bugs Control Broadford

    spider control

    Spider Control Broadford

    wasp control

    Bees Control Broadford

    rodent control

    Rodent control Broadford

    possum control

    Possum Control Broadford

    termite control

    Termite Control Broadford

    cockroach control

    Cockroach Control Broadford

    What Services Do We Offer?

    Our technicians are well-versed in providing all kinds of pest control services. Whether you are looking for general pest control, having a high infestation of a particular pest species, seasonal pest control we have it all. Have a look at the services we offer for pest control Broadford:

    • Mosquito pest control
    • Wasp pest control
    • Woodworm treatments
    •  Fly pest control
    • Termite control
    • Cockroach removal
    • Spider removal
    • Domestic pest control
    • Restaurant pest control
    • Tick extermination
    • Bee pest control
    • Rodent control
    • Flea control
    • Silverfish control
    • Pre-purchase pest inspection
    • Emergency pest control services Broadford
    • Same day pest control

    How do We Carry Out our Pest Treatment Procedure?

    Pest Inspection: First of all, the professionals look for the signs of the pest, and identify the infestation extent, and then decide the right method for pest control Broadford treatment.

    Treatment and Extermination: After a thorough inspection, the team applies effective chemicals onto pest prone areas. The professionals know, where the pests are hiding and hence, treat those particular areas of your place. The chemicals used in the process, are eco-friendly and completely safe for humans and don’t have side effects.

    Post-Inspection on Revisits: Once the process is carried out successfully, our professionals arrange revisits to your place, to make sure there is no recurrence. We make our customers are satisfied with our services and give the best tips for pest control Broadford.


    Our specialist local pest control team deliver the best building and pest inspection services across Broadford on same day. Our affordable services includes:

    Spider Control Services Broadford

    Spiders are one of the most horrible pests species that needs to be moved out of your property as soon as possible for the safety of your family members. There are a number of spider species present in Australia among which Cellar and Wolf are the most common type. Though these spiders generally don’t bite humans, instead help them by feeding on other insects like mosquitoes, crickets, flies and more. No, we are not favouring the presence of spiders in your property. Of course, they should be removed, in case if spider infestation extends to the high level, this can create big problems.

    There are danger spider species also, Black Widow and Brown Recluse, but they are uncommon. And for their removal, you need professional pest controllers. The professional exterminators know the effective methods of spider removal and prevention. Marks Pest Control is the leading company in Broadford offering the best Spider pest control services to the natives. Call us now and get extra discounts on our specialized pest removal services etc. Stop spiders to create web at your place before it is too late as these web can ruin the beauty and health of your place. Call us now and get extra discounts on our specialized pest removal services etc.

    Spider control Broadford

    Fumigation of Fleas In Broadford

    Moving out of your current rented property? It’s a responsibility to leave the house in good condition. Flea infestation is one of the most common issues in the home with pets. These are the blood-sucking pests, that cause rash, and itchiness to your beloved pets. Though these tiny critters are harmless, that does not mean you can ignore them. Whether you are looking for the end of lease pest control treatment or you want flea control in your own property, our professional pest Controllers offer the best treatment for your pest issues. Call or write to us now and get the free quote for Flea Treatment.

    Pest Spray Services in Broadford

    We also offer pest spray services for outdoor pest prevention. Pest sprays become a strong repellent for the like pests like ants, spiders, cockroaches and other crawling insects. Such preventive measure can be the best bet for controlling and removing the pest issues in around your home. You may also consider buying pest sprays from the market, but those sprays can be harmful to your family, kids or pets. The spray we use is entirely safe for humans and pets and remove and kill the pest in an efficient manner. Call us today for the pest spray services.

    Broadford Rodent Control Services

    It’s simply not possible to live in a home under the attack of rodents. These are the disaster causing animals that can damage almost anything in your property right from food to clothing, books to electric wires and pipes to wooden items. Moreover, they spread disease across your home, and corrupt the quality of the environment. Thus, for the sake your of the good of health of your loved ones, it is always important to call professionals for the complete removal of rodents from your home.

    Same Day Pest Control Treatment

    Are you searching for emergency pest control service or same day pest control service in Broadford? Then don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Marks pest control provides you the best and professional pest eradication service within the same day of hiring us. Whenever you have emergency pest control service needs or requirements, just call and then we will be right there at you place to provide you the prompt and reliable pest control treatment within 24 hours of hiring us. Our 24*7 presence makes it easy for you to book your service with us anytime. Call us today!

    Cockroach Control Broadford Services

    Cockroaches are the common pests worldwide and are hated by every human on the planet. These creatures are found in places where there is plenty of food and moisture. Cockroaches can spread serious diseases at your place by transmitting the infection to your food and surroundings. Even if cockroach infestation has not raised to a high extent, you should not ignore them, as they can multiply to hundreds in time. We offer complete protection with the roach fumigation services. Our professionals are highly trained and know the right tricks to deals with cockroach issues.

    Cockroach control Broadford
    Silverfish control Broadford

    Silverfish Control Services

    Another one of the most preferred services is silverfish control. Silverfish usually stay in dark places like your wardrobes, kitchen and bathroom cupboards. These pests are not particularly harmful to humans but they cause huge damage to your things in the home. Hence, if you do not want to risk your belongings, make sure, you take important steps for silverfish removal. We at Marks Pest Control Broadford only makes sure that we will offers you best and trusted silverfish eradication service by working day and night to make your home/premise pest free. Call us today for same day silverfish inspection and control service at the affordable price. We will never let your expectations down.

    Tick Control Broadford

    Ticks are attached to the skin of the animals hiding behind the hair. Thus it gets harder to detect them and exterminate. You can go for the hair cutting of the animals suffering tick attacks which will make them visible and then you can go for the treatment. The powder which can kill their population is applied on their skin. You can also call the professionals for controlling and exterminating their population completely. Marks pest control is known to eradicate all kind of pest from your place, thus contact us if your want tick control service. We will eradicate all the ticks from your place in no time.

    Tick control Broadford
    Ants control Broadford

    Ant Control Broadford

    Ant infestation is a common problem faced by millions of people around the globe. It can infest almost any part of your homes and you may see them lurking around food or sweet products. These can severely compromise your home hygiene and can also cause distress an discomfort. We at Mark’s Pest Control can provide you with complete eradication of ant infestation. Our experienced pest controllers use the latest commercial products and tools to remove ants completely. We use safe and eco-friendly products to exterminate or eradicate nats from your premises within 24 hours.

    Moth Control Broadford

    Moth infestation is a serious matter of concern as its very difficult to get rid of and may cause you damage and affect your health. There are many different kinds of moths and kind of moth infestation can cause severe problems. Moth’s eggs are very small and very difficult to remove so its advisable that you hire professional assistance. Mark’s Pest Control will provide you with moth control service in Broadford. Our professional pest controllers are experienced and trained individuals who can eradicate moth infestation in no time. Prevent damages and problems created by moth infestation by hiring Mark’s Pest Control today.

    Moths control Broadford
    Bees control Broadford

    Bee Control Broadford

    Bee infestation anywhere in your home and office is a serious threat and one should never ignore it. It can make their nests anywhere in your homes or nearby it. Bees are known to sting humans and these stings are extremely painful and annoying. Multiple numbers of bees can sting multiple times causing you to suffer and bear the pain. At Mark’s Pest Control, We can provide you with the best bee control service in Broadford. Our pest controllers will inspect your space for their nests. We can easily remove bees’ nest from your property and treat it as well to prevent re occurrence. We can eradicate any amount of bee infestation within 24 hours of hiring.

    Termite Control Broadford

    Termites are one the smallest but largest destruction causing pests that can destroy your property to a large extent and can make you suffer from huge loss. Termites need to be removed immediately as they can damage your furniture or home walls in less time. These pests are very dangerous and cannot be noticed until they have done vast destruction to your property. Contact Marks pest control Broadford for best and professional termite control service. We know the hidden places of termites and can make them run out of your place in no time. We understand the importance of the safety of your property at your home, so we remove termites from your place in no time. Contact us now and get the best and trusted termite control service now.

    Termites control Broadford
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    Commercial Pest Control Services

    Marks pest control Broadford not only offers its professional pest control service to the residential clients but also to commercial clients. Whether you want pest control treatment at an office, mall, building, hospital, education places, restaurants or any other commercial place, we can provide you with effective pest control treatment in no time. We understand with how much dedication and hard work of years, you have created your name in the industry and your brand name is so important for you, which can be destroyed by pest presence at your place. So, to protect your business from pest attacks and infestation, we provide you the effective and reliable pest extermination service.

    Affordable Pest Control Services

    Our company is also known for offering the quality and effective pest control services in and around your property at the affordable prices. The unparallel services have been making our customers satisfied and happy, which is our biggest reward. Our unbeatable services make us best and reliable in the industry, with above 300 returning clients. We believe in transparency, offer complete value for the money. Hire us now for the best and affordable marks pest control Broadford.

    Pre-purchase pest inspection

    Get pest inspection of the place by our expert before you get the pest control service from us. When you get pest inspection from our expert before the pest control service you will come to know about the types of pest existing at your place which will help us in giving the service accordingly and estimating the cost of the service which might be your concern. So, when you will have pest control service after the pest inspection then we can say that the effectiveness of the service will last longer.

    Residential pest control Broadford

    Pest Control Services for your home in Broadford

    Marks pest control Broadford is the renowned pest control company who have years of experience in the industry and provides you the selfless and professional pest control service. We offer our service at residential and commercial places both. Now, if you are wondering why pest control service is necessary for residential places, then we have a simple answer for you. You need pest control treatment at your place for making your home safe and healthy for living. These pests carry various disease causing organisms that can harm you and cause you health issues. For the safety and well-being of your family and property, you need pest eradication service at your home. Call Marks pest control Broadford today!

    Broadford’s Pest Control PACKAGES

    Everyday low price

    Residential Pest Control

    Residential Pest Control
    Pests in the home can give homeowners serious trouble. Pest presence can hamper daily routine tasks and invites many health issues. Worry no more, avail our residential pest control packages to enjoy a pest-free environment around the home.

    Commercial Pest Control

    Commercial Pest Control
    Don’t let your work hinder with pest infestations in your office. Pest infestations can disturb the office environment to a high extent and is also a hazard to your employee’s health. Get your commercial pest control packages for retail stores, offices, restaurants, food stores, healthcare centres & more.

    Universal Pest Control

    Universal Pest Control
    In Universal pest control packages, we cover all your commercial, as well as residential pest control, needs together. When you are home as well as business-owner and seeking pest control services for your properties, then our universal pest control packages come to your rescue.

    *Minimum call out fee will be applied. For more information about pest control Broadford price , packages and services, go through our terms & conditions.

    Pest Control Broadford

    Pest Control Services in Eastern Suburbs

    We offer the best and effective services for pest control and removal in an efficient way. The team of our professional pest controllers is local and can serve across all the suburbs on the same day of booking. With about 10 years of experience in the niche, our results are satisfactory. Whether you want to get rid of flying pests, crawling pests, and rodents, we remove them from your premise in a safe manner. No matter how heavy the infestation is, we never fail to impress our clients. Our professionals do not consider the task completed until our customers are satisfied. Call us now and get the best services at pest control across all the suburbs.

    Pest Control Services in Western Suburbs

    Our pest controllers are available across all the suburbs of Broadford and western suburbs are no exception. The team comprising local pest controllers can serve the clients on the same day of booking as well. With appropriate experience, expertise, and knowledge we give our best make your lives a bit better by removing those pesky pests from your life effectively. Moreover, we possess the advanced tools and are aware of the latest techniques and pest control methods for the complete and effective removal of pests.

    Pests Infestations are Stressful! But Getting Rid Of Them Shouldn’t Be

    Pest infestations are a very common problem and chances are you have to face them anytime anyhow. We at Mark’s Pest Control can provide you with complete protection and prevention form pest infestation. We always strive to provide the best pest control Broadford services for the people of Broadford. Pest infestations are a leading cause of many numbers of diseases and it can greatly affect your well being an peace of mind. Pests will also cause damages to the infrastructure causing you to lose money and suffer losses. It is advisable that you hire Mark’s Pest control for affordable and effective pest control services anywhere in Broadford.

    Pest Prevention Tips

    • Keep your home clean and hygienic.
    • Always keep food in sealed containers.
    • Use sanitising tissues to wipe spills with water and
    • Clean the furniture on a regular basis and don’t leave the areas beneath the furniture.
    • Don’t let food leftovers lay on the floor.
    • Keep your pets absolutely clean.
    • Seal up all cracks.
    • Trim the plants in routine.
    • Mow your lawns regularly.
    • De-clutter the insides and outside of your home.
    • Change the dustbin bag daily.
    • Do not keep dirty dishes in the sink overnight.
    • Use fly screens for windows.
    Pest prevention Tips

    Contact Today with Broadford’s Pest Control Experts

    If you’re after the professional in pest control has to present – You’re in safe zone with Marks Pest Control Broadford. We’re capable to come to you and getting all about your pest concerns before started our pest control process. Did we say that we offer same day service? The team at Marks pest control will plan a convenient time to treat your pest problem with minimum hold up and as to what else might be plaguing your belongings, so you can get back to your daily life – pest free. Get in touch today! Either call us @1300 335 753 or fill out our online enquiry form to let us know what’s harm or cause you from pest, and we’ll take care of the rest. Leave us your details; We will get back to you as soon as possible before offering you with the harmless pest control Broadford Services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need more than one pest control treatment?



    Many of the time we think that one pest control treatment will be enough. But it is not true. Some of the pests left behind their eggs which do not get affected with pest control treatment and thus starts appearing at your place once again. For which, you need more than pest control treatment at your home or office. 

    How often should I have pest inspection service?



    It totally depends on the area you live and atmosphere there as some areas are less affected with pests and others are very infected. Some areas do need pest inspection service in a few months and some areas can wait for years too. So if you want to know about after how long you should get pest inspection service, get in touch with our professionals.

    How much does pest control cost?



    Pest control service begins with thorough inspection of the area to know the extent of pest presence and their infestation. After that we decide what kind of method will be effective for your pest control needs. Every pest control treatment has different rates so if you want to get an exact quote, you need to get in touch with our expert technicians. 

    My house is infested with fleas, how can I get rid of them?



    Professional pest controllers are experts in all kinds of pest control treatment that includes fleas control also. Before removing fleas from your home,  it is necessary that you get your pets clean up of fleas, after that only professionals can make your place fleas-free. 

    What kind of pests do you remove from our premises?



    Marks pest control Broadford provides all kinds of pest control service. Whether you have flying pests or crawling, rats or rodents, we can eradicate them in no time. If you want cockroach, termite, silverfish, bed bug,fleas or tick, spider, lizard on any kind of pest control treatment, contact us.

    Location: Broadford, VIC, Australia

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