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Pests are the most common problem in all Melbourne suburb area. The problem caused by them is fatal, not only the infestation of pest ruin the hygiene but spread diseases as well. To eradicate the pests, one needs to take the right measures. These measures should be environment-friendly because harming the ecology isn’t good and not recommended. Using harsh chemicals would definitely kill the pest but it would compromise with health. We have arranged the advice of our best team of experts on removing pests.

Controlling mosquitoes naturally

Mosquitoes are the most common pests around the globe. These creatures hide in the garden area and steps into the home for sucking blood. By planting marigolds, rosemary and catnip you can repel mosquitoes, these plants relieve an odour which is unpleasant for mosquitoes. Consider these plants in your yard or garden area. Mosquitoes will not hide in your garden. Also by burning citronella candles, you can repel mosquitoes. Try spraying mixture of cedar oil and water in your garden, it’ll kill any biting insects and suffocate their egg as well. Homeowners must try this trick for mosquito control to make the home and surroundings safe. Your garden is now ready for pets and kids.

Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquito Pest Control

Controlling wasps naturally.

Wasps are a stinging creature, their stings are very painful. They can be really dangerous to have inside your home, yard or garden. Wasps usually die in winter, but because of climate change and short winters, their lifespan has also increased. However, you can do some home remedies for wasp pest control. A blend of geranium essential oils, lemongrass and clove are effective on wasps. You can add this mixture in water and dish wash soap and apply in the area where wasps are likely to build their nests.

Natural ways to control rodents.

Rodents control is a necessary work if you ignore rodent infestation. You should be ready for huge destruction. Rodents shreds everything which comes in their way and excretes everywhere in your house. There are some ways to control mice and rodent, use peppermint oil as a rodent repellent. While you like the scent of the oil, rats hate it. So, dip some small cotton ball in the oil and place them in rat prone area, like kitchen, bedroom and holes where mouse enters.Try the suggested tip for rodent control Melbourne and savor a pest free environment around the home.

Rodent Pest Control

Rodent Pest Control

Natural ways to control roaches.

Cockroaches are the most insane insects, they’re considered untouchable because of their creepy body. To kill them you can use boric acid, which is considered best to get rid of roaches. Sprinkle the powder in cockroach prone area and when they come in contact with the boric acid, they’ll die. But keep the powder out of the reach of children and pets as it can be very harmful to them.

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