Protect Your Home Against Termites

Termites are insects that lives in colonies beneath the ground. They like eating dead plants, and wood. An infestation of termites causes lots of property damage to the homeowners. Termites can destroy your home and property. You must terminate the termites you have and prevent them from returning back with the right measures.

Identification of Termite Infestation

  1. Observe termite droppings, wings and the dead body of the termites:- If you notice these all signs in your home, then termites are living inside your house with you. Termites have the same appearance as winged ants. Unlike other pests, termites lose their wings after swarming.
  • Termites leave worm-like mud tunnels inside the house that are visible on the wall surface. The mud tunnel protects them from outside area.
  • Look at its antennae to determine if it is an ant or a termite. If bent, it’s a sign that you’ve got flying ants. They are termites if they are straight.
  • The underground termites do not leave droppings behind because they use them to build tunnels.

2. Check out small holes in the woods and dust like matter:- Termites create holes in the wood to make their habitat. The dry wood termites like to make their nest in the dry wooden places.

  • Termites generate their excrement in the form of sawdust-like matter that is known as frass.
  • Check out the exit hole of the termite with the help of a pin.

3. Look at the condition of the paint that is bubbled or cracked:- Termites make their mud tunnel too close to the paint surface that results in the appearance of crakes and blisters. This indicates that termites have made their way inside your house and living with you.

  • Check out the common places like window frames, baseboards, doors, and other wooden constructed properties. 
  • Also, check that place where you have kept woods. 
  • Check all the foundation and crawl spaces as these places are used by termites to construct their mud tunnel.

4. Knock on the non-hollow walls and observe its sound:- The presence of protozoa and bacteria in the guts of termites makes them capable of eating the wood with ease. Wood is the basis food source of termites.

  • The solid wall creates a thud noise, and it feels like something is behind the wall. This type of wall is free from termites.
  • If the wall creates a hollow or echo sound, then it is the indication that termites are present over there. 

Elimination Methods Of Termites

  1. With the help of liquid termiticide, create a barrier for termites around your house:- The use of termites not only kills the present termites but also it also helps in protecting your soil from burrowing. Create a natural barrier along the perimeter of your house by spraying the termiticide with the help of trench.
  • Carefully read all the instructions that are mentioned over the termiticide to ensure the safety of your kids, pets, neighbors, and environment.
  • It is most easier and effective to apply during the construction of the house.
  • If applying in the already constructed house, then trenching is compulsory.

2. Use of termites baits for the contamination of the entire termites:-Termite bait act like poison for these pests. It also eradicates the infested area by spreading poison slowly. You just have to place the bait in the surrounding of the house by spreading it 10 to 12 feet. Also, you can place another bait in the areas where termites are most active.

  • Termite baits are made up of cellulose material like paper, cardboard, and other material with the active poison as lethal for termites.
  • This bait can be used at any place either above or below the ground.

3. Terminating termites with the help of nematodes:- Nematodes are roundworms that have the ability to kill the termites. Release these nematodes in the areas that are more prone to termites.

  • Nematodes have a varying number of mortality rate. So this is not the best way to eliminate the termites.
  • One of the types of nematodes is Steinernema Carpocapsae that kills the termites and other wood bores effectively.

4. Call the professionals to terminate the termites:- All the DIY methods are quite good, but to have the best solution, you must call the professionals to treat the termites. Mark’s Termites Control Melbourne company has the best professionals that deal with all types of pests. We have earned lots of reputation in market. We provide you with the solution on the same day after booking.

  • All of our services are reliable and affordable.  
  • Our expert team will provide you all the desired solutions and prevention tips to control the termites in the future.

Preventive Tips from Forthcoming Infestation

  1. Maintain the annual check-up by the professionals.

The professional termite controllers have the right information about the treatment of the termites. It will be easy to treat the termites at the very early stage.

  •  If you are living in the densely wooded place, then the chances of termites attack become high.
  • Ensure that the company has the correct tools and techniques to treat the termites.
  • Call any local and reliable professionals to treat the termites.

2. Eliminate all the cellulose-based sources from home.

If there is a collection of organic material made up of wood around your house, then try to eliminate them regularly. If the wood material is kept outside for a long period of time, then it is more likely to be prone to termites. 

  • You can create the compost with the leftover wooden trimmings. Breaking down of the wood prevents it from the infestation of termites.
  • Also, you can contact the local municipality to recycle the wood in your area.  

3. Avoid the direct contact of wood and ground.

Termites quickly make their way into your house if there is the contact of ground and wood. To avoid the termite infestation in the wood, the height of wood should be 6 inches above the ground.

  • The wooden material should be placed on the concrete base.
  • Cut the portion of the wood that is touching the ground to avoid the termite infestation.

4. Have a pre-inspection of the house before construction

It is better to have a pre-inspection of the house during the construction of the house. It gives effective treatment to the treatment. This treatment creates the barrier around your home against termites. Providing the treatment, in the beginning, minimizes the chance of termite infestation at a very high level.

5. Repair All the Crakes and Gaps.

Check out for the crakes and gaps in your house as these places are used by the termites to hide and to construct the mud tunnel. Call the specialist to get that area fixed to avoid the termite’s infestation. After setting the gaps, apply the termiticides to prevent further infestation.

Top Myths Related with Termites Control

Myth #1 – Termites are part of the ant family.

Termites are not ant related. They are closer to cockroaches than ants. The pest control carried out for the expulsion of ant will, therefore, not work on termites. But, confusingly, termites are commonly referred to in Australia as a white ant.

Myth #2 – Termites will be destroyed with the destruction of the forest.

Termites actually move on and find new food sources when they are displaced from their homes. Some Tried and Tested Pest Control Tips for Every Homeowners which will helpful for you to control termites yourself. Termites consider healthier food areas, which could be the base of the area’s homes. When you move to a new home where the land has been cleaned up recently, it’s a good idea to check for termites before you move in.

Myth #3 – Termites have the capability to eat through the concrete.

Termites are strong pests, but not as much to eat the concrete. The truth behind this line is that they go through the cracks present in the wall. Once any termites reach that crack, the rest of the other termites follows and increases the size of the break. The small crakes are not noticeable in the beginning, but the professionals will catch that very quickly.

Myth #4 – The house made up of Brick is Safe from Termites.

Generally, all the constructed houses have the wooden frame. So either your home is made up of brick and sit on a slab of concrete, it is not safe from termites. Distance between the ground and the wood does not affect the working of termites. They make their way through the small gaps and proceed further.

Myth #5 – Because of the neighbor’s termites control treatment, they are now pushed to my house.

Termites create large colonies. Different houses in the locality may share the same termite colony. This is the reason that when termite is done in one house, then the activity of termites in another house becomes more active. But they don’t cross the chemical borderline to infest other houses.

Myth #6 – Termites are good for nothing.

Termites acts as natural recyclers. They break down dead forest wood and turn it into nutrient-rich soil that helps in the growth of plants.

Myth #7 – Our home has been treated from termites before construction, so I don’t have to bother now.

Termite therapies are not going to last for 20 years. Most termite remedies have a one-year warranty or extension options. Nonetheless, environmental conditions, goods used around the house, and job quality have all affected the length of the treatment being successful. So have a regular check-up of your home and eliminate termites as soon as possible after finding them.

Myth #8 – Termites will not eat wood from my house if there is the availability of decaying wood nearby

Though dying wood is easier to chew, this does not mean the termites in your house should stop eating structural timber. Termites always work to find their new source of food. As soon as the decaying wood is finished, they will move their habitat to your house.

Myth #9 – Simply spraying the ground is enough to kill the termites.

Termites live in large colonies, and to have termites free life, it is important to kill the Queen of the colony that is the sole breeder. You have to target the entire termite colony to eliminate them entirely from your house.

Myth #10 – With the help of DIY, anyone can treat termites.

The DIY treatments are good to some extent only. You don’t get the desired result with these treatments. Also, you put your health at risk while doing such type of treatment. So, its good to call the professional controllers that do their task with specialized equipment and make your home free from termites.

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