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Let’s not forget the worst mouse plague faced by Australia in 1993 which resulted in a damage worth of $96 million. Soon after that, another rat plague in 2010 damaged three million hectare f crops in various parts of Australia.

Rodents have time and again infested human societies and resulted in heavy losses. Thus, it is important to understand how rodents can prove to be a danger to our society and how you can deal with them.

Rodent Control Melbourne

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Possible Threats Posed By Rodents to Our Health and Economic Progress

  • Rodents are extremely destructive and can cause serious safety risks.
  • Further, rats end up starting the fire by chewing the electric cables. So, if next time you hear that a fire broke out without any reason, think of rats.
  • Moreover, rats eeat tons of food and then contaminate more with feces, hair, and urine. Mice and rats contaminate more than 20% of food across the world.
  • They damage everything from books, structures, furniture and even electrical appliances through burrowing and gnawing.
  • The worst part is that they are also responsible for spreading the disease to animals and humans through the bites and by transporting lice, fleas, ticks, and mites and also by leaving the food droppings everywhere.
  • Additionally, rats are vectors for rat-bite fever, bubonic plague, hantavirus, infectious jaundice, leptospirosis, trichinosis, salmonellosis, typhus and pulmonary fever.
  • As a burrowing animal, rodents inflict major damage to equipment, structures, utilities, furniture, and vehicles.

Rats are found almost everywhere from homes, restaurants, supermarkets, farm fields, and livestock pens. The grain mills, corn cribs, silos, and warehouses are vulnerable to the rat infestation. They are usually active during night time when there are comparatively fewer people. Mice and rats can move through small crevices that make them easy to move around everywhere.

Rodents are very difficult to control for all the house owners and can be termed as a community problem for everyone. It’s really important to ensure the effective control of rodents through community work.

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How To Recognize A Rodent Infestation

There are almost 12 indicators to recognize a rodent infestation and for rodent control Melbourne:

  • Dropping

    The first and foremost clue for any serious rodent infestation is the sight of dropping on your kitchen drawers, counters, and the cabinet area. The droppings are smooth with pointy ends and are almost of 4 mm long. They are of pellet shape and blunt at both the ends and of shiny black color. Dropping are often scattered randomly but close to runways, shelter or feeding areas.

  • Tracks

    The possible tracks for rodents are observed in dust, mud or dirt. At times, rat tails can leave the mark around the area. Mouse tracks are also easily traceable on the dusty surfaces. You can test for rodent tracks by simply dusting the area with the coating of chalk dust or talcum powder. Wait for a day and test by shining flashlight on the area. If you see small tracks that mean rat was there.

  • Runways

    Rats follow the similar route every day while making rounds for food every night. While doing so, rats leave 50mm wide traces of runways in grass or dirt, mostly next to fences or buildings.

  • Gnawing

    Rats keep chewing down everything they come across with incisor teeth. If you see holes in ceilings, walls, trails in subfloors, under or behind cupboards, bathtubs, counters, etc., it means rats were there.

  • Burrowing

    Burrows are found all along the walls, ditches, fences and rubbish and under buildings, woodpiles, low vegetation or concrete slabs.

  • Urine Stains

    Under the black light, the urine stains are easily traceable.

  • Grease Marks

    Rat’s oily skin fur leaves the grease marks that repeatedly comes in contact with holes and walls.

  • Nests

    Rat nests can be easily found in the roof voids, utility closets, basements, and garages. They are made of shredded papers, clotheslined by finely shred material. The nests look like loose woven ball of 10-15 cm in total diameter.

  • Sounds

    Though rats are not visible in the darkness, you can easily make out the presence of rodents through the sounds they make after it gets dark.

  • Odors

    In a badly ventilated room, you can easily smell the rat urine or the musky odor.

  • Partially consumed food

    Rats leave behind half-eaten food. Though they have the tendency to eat almost all the food at times, they can leave the telltale signs of inedibles and shells.

  • Dead or live rodents

    Rodents are nocturnal but in an area with high rat populations, some of the low ranked ones will hunt out during the daytime. Probably, because they are unable to get hold of food during the night. So, if you catch the glimpse of rats in the daytime, it’s a positive sign of substantial infestation.

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Keeping Rodents Away From Your Home

The perfect way to control the population of rats is by keeping them out of the premises at first place.

  • Since rats like to hide in the garden, the first defense mechanism should be to trim the area of vegetation close to your building. Dispose of off all the unwanted trimmings, plan clippings etc. to make it difficult for rodents.
  • Check the perimeter of your building annually to ensure no gaps at the entry. Sealing all those entry points is important and perfect for efficient rat control. Pay attention to wiring, cables, pipes, windows, and doors. Close all these opening using wire mesh, sheet metal and pieces of tin.
  • Water Puddle will give them water to drink so, make sure all the leaks are fixed and ground depressions are also filled in.
  • Using traps after all the necessary steps can help you keep away from the rodent infestation. You should dispose the traps can be disposed at a far off place from your premises.

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