Simple and Natural Ways of Spider Removal

Spiders are one of those uninvited guests in the home that are never welcomed. Whereas, spiders don’t seem to mind the fact and make their way to your home. Though, spiders also help to keep several pets away like flies and mosquitoes. But that does not mean you can spare them and allow to wander them in and around the home. However, these pests do not damage your belongings but can certainly be maddening and infuriating. Many species of the spiders are venomous and their bites have serious reactions to human skin. These creatures can be more dangerous for the ones having weak immune systems. That’s why like any other pest, spider control is also necessary.

There are a myriad number of pesticides in the market that are effective in spider removal. But these products contain harsh chemicals that can also be harmful to your family and pets. Thus we have brought you a list of natural ingredients that are helpful in spider control.

4 Natural Methods to Get Rid of Spiders

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Essential oils rich Spider Repellent Spray
You can make your own spider repellent spray that is completely free from harsh chemicals and is effective on spiders. Refer below to make the solution.

  • Mix 3 drops of peppermint essential oil, 3 drops of lavender essential in ¼ cup of water and add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • Shake the solution well so that all the ingredients can mix well.
  • Spray the solution around the places where the spiders are frequent, including cracks, around windows and doors.
  • Spray the mixture once a week.Be careful while spraying the solutions as it can stain your carpets, upholstery and other items.Spider Removal Pest Control in Melbourne

White Vinegar
Besides effective cleaner, and deodorizer white vinegar can also work as a spider repellent. You can use diluted white vinegar to keep spiders away from your home.

  • Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
  • Shake the solution well to blend the liquids.
  • Spray the solution directly on the spiders, webs and the expected places. Make sure to spray the solution into the cracks and crevices of the walls. Spray the solution in such places once a week.

Using onions is of the oldest but successful ways to keep the spiders at bay. What an excellent and powerful solution it is! Cut the onion into slices and put them in a bowl of water. Place the bowl of water where the spiders are entering your house. This is a proven way to keep the spiders out.

Turmeric is an outstanding spice and has magical healing properties. Among numerous uses of turmeric, spider control is one. But you have to be very careful when using the turmeric because it can also stain the furniture, carpet, walls and other things. Its stains are also hard to remove. How to Get Rid of Spider Pest Control Services:

  • Make a fine paste by mixing two tablespoons of turmeric with water.
  • Apply the turmeric paste to cotton balls and put them on spider prone areas of your home.

Hire A Professional Team

If you stay in the area where the spiders are dangerous, don’t take the risk of trying home remedies. In such case, calling the professional help is the best solution. Marks Pest Control is one of the best companies providing Pest Control Services and offer you a pest-free environment. So, contact us today for Pest Control Spider and make these little creatures crawl away from your home.