Some Effective Ways to Get Rid of Termites

Termites can cause a lot of damage to your furniture. Thus, do not delay and act now!

Here are a few DIY ways through which you can get rid of termites.

Termites Control Service

Termites Control Service

  • Expose it to the Sun

    The sunlight acts as a toxin for the termites. You just have to place the affected furniture in the sunlight for some time. You can also use artificial UV rays in place of the sunlight. However, UV rays are not beneficial for our skin. So exposure to sunlight is the better option.

  • Take Help From Nematodes

    Nematodes are parasitic organisms that feed on the termites. So, just bring some nematodes and this will surely work out in your favor.

  • Remove all the Cellulose

    Remove all the garbage having cellulose from the vicinity of your home. This mulch acts as a feed for the termites and helps them form big colonies. And this is how they enter your home.

  • Prevent the Eexposure to Water

    Always try to prevent your furniture getting exposed to water. Wet wood is the basic source for termites. So proper care must be taken in case of rain struck areas. Keep your furniture away from wet ceilings. This is also another method of prevention.

  • Set up a Cardboard Trap

    Take some wet cardboard pieces and put them one over the other at the places you are suspicious of having termites. Once the whole block gets infected by termites, take it to some safe place and burn it with immense care. Repeat this activity multiple times and you are done with the problem.

Professional Termites Control

Professional Termites Control

Hiring the Professionals

To get rid of termites, the professionals are highly recommended as termites are found in the soil. It is very tough to assume about their population, for this you need to have the proper system for inspection so that you can see the spots of their presence. The professionals are equipped with the thermal imaging service which can scan the earth to some depth and find their population. The best team is of Professional Pest Control Sydney which can be hired by making a booking with Mark’s Pest Control.