What Are Possums, And How To Get Rid Of Them?

While dwelling in Australia and its associated states, you must have realized that there are various issues related to the existence of possums. Australia is bounteous with the untamed life of these assorted types. There are 23 known types of possum existing in and around Australian wilds, including places like Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales, and Northern and Western Australia. And they have effectively got with the command and control over a significant part of the natural wilds. They are spotted quite often in the past few years. What’s more? For the most part, these wild creatures never strife with the rural way of life. Be that as it may, at times we do get undesirable ‘visitors,’ — and one among them is the possum. Possums belong to the marsupial family. So, the main concern is what makes possums considered a pest?

WHAT ARE POSSUMS and how to get rid of them

The most important thing that we should remember about possums is that these are the protected lots which come under the Wildlife Act of 1975. And as the rule says, these creatures cannot be harmed or held in captivity, without the Department Of Conservation And Environment giving their sanction. Mark’s Pest Control is an accredited possum removal agency that has set various means and ways to professionally follow in the humane entrapment and later release of possums in Australia and its outskirts.

Know All About Possums

Possums are well-acclaimed Australian wildlife and are the small-sized marsupials visiting various places mainly during the night-time. Their fur and hide come as a very utility-oriented thing in the business world.  

The Types of Possum

As discussed, there are 23 well-known species of possums in Australia. Some of them typically run along your roof-top at night, making all the clamour! These are commonly found in both urban and rural parts of Australia –

❖ Brush-tail Possums has these main characteristics:

✔ Similar in size, mostly like the cat-family and weighing around 5-6 kilos

✔ Covered with grey-coloured fur and have big pointy earlobes

✔ The tail is bushy a bright white tip

✔ Their central dwelling place is inside the roof spaces, smokestacks/chimneys and garden sheds.

✔ These brush-tailed possums are also found in various other names, Coppery Brushtail Possums (Atherton Tablelands), Northern Brushtail Possums (Northern and Western Australia), Mountain Brushtail Possum (Southern Victoria and Queensland). 

Ring-Tailed Possums has these main characteristics:

✔ Small in size as compared to the Brush Tailed Possum and weighs around 1-2 kilos.

✔ They have dark brown coloured fur on the top-side of their body. And cream-coloured bottoms with pint-sized white patches behind their eyes and ears.

✔ Short and coiled earlobes, with pointy tail having a visible white tip.

✔ They dwell in thick foliage, a bit above the ground.

✔ These ring-tailed possums are found in various other names, like Herbert River Ringtail Possum (Northwestern Queensland), Lemuroid Ringtail Possum (Queensland), Cinereus Ringtail Possum (Northeastern Queensland), Rock Ringtail Possum (Northern and Western Australia), Western Ringtail Possum (Western Australia). 

Pygmy Possums has these main characteristics:

✔ They are small in size, weighing approximately 45-50 grams, and 5-12 centimetre in length.

✔ Found in various parts of Australia, sparingly.

✔ Most of its varieties have a short snout with extra-long whiskers.

✔ Grey in color, with a long elongated tail.

Honey Possum has these main characteristics: 

✔ Typically feeds on pollen and nectar, but not honey.

✔ Climbs trees without using its claws.

✔ Generally found in the South-west Western part of Australia.

Green-tail Possum has these main characteristics: 

✔ Also known as Toolah or Spring-tailed Possum.

✔ Has a thick greenish fur, with white patches around the eyes.

✔ Grows till 36 centimetre length-wise.

✔ Feeds on figs and leaves.

✔ Mostly found in North Queensland. 

type of possum

Scaly-tailed Possum has these main characteristics:

✔ Mostly found in Kimberly and Northwestern Australia.

✔ Typically exists on flowers, fruits and leaves.

✔ Very less-known species among the other Possums.

✔ Have almost a hairless tail.

Leadbeater’s Possum has these main characteristics:

✔ Have grey thick fur, and measure around 33 centimetre with a tail.

✔ Sparsely found all-over Australia.

Striped Possum has these main characteristics:

✔ Mainly found in Townsvilles in Queensland, Australia.

✔ Have Black and white strips all-over the body.

✔ Lives mainly on pollen, beetles, leaves, insects and honey from the native bees.

✔ Bites and chews with powerful chisel-like incisors teeth.

✔ Famous for its unpleasant musky smell.

The Problematical Possums Live In The Following Places:

Possums are the primary mode of worry to the house-holders in Australia. The most remarkable ones are the kind of destruction and wreckage these creatures cause. These unwanted creatures dweller in the roof-tops and infected the entire area with their droppings. They urinate everywhere, causing the whole place lending out a spiteful odour. Moreover, their urine leaves an unwanted mark on the wall plaster, which later becomes difficult to remove.

Possums are much like rats. Most of the time, these creatures compare with rats – yet another unwanted pest. Like rats, they too have the chewing and biting habit, which causes a lot of problems to the household electrical circuits, and other associated wiring. If the damage is more, then their entire activity leads to hazardous short circuits and electrical fires!

Possums are, for the most part, herbivores that live on fruits and selected flowers. With their day-to-day activity, it isn’t uncommon to see the flower beds, small out-lining hedges and your favourite kitchen garden turn into a disaster with the regular thoroughfare of these tricky animals. These are typically chewed and ruined by the possums.

What’s more? Obviously, not to overlook the kind of commotion they create! It stands a significant issue with possums. While dwelling inside the house roofs, they make plenty of unusual noises. They scurry around, and their presence makes the entire house ceiling vibrate! Due to their nocturnal characteristic, their whole activity is during the night hours. Invariably their unwanted noise will make your sleep a disturbed one. And that is too annoying!

Threat towards various infectious diseases

Possums are carriers of various infectious diseases. The parasites, ticks, mites and certain bacterial infections get transmitted from them to other animals and humans too! Their excreta or dropping, known as Buruli bacteria, causes all sorts of skin allergies amongst humans. If any individual comes in contact with their excreta by mistake,  immediately wash-off their hands and feet with a medicated soap.

Possum Control

As expressed earlier, that these possums cannot be harmed. So, the primary method of handling a possum getting hold and freeing them.  Marks Pest Control agency has all the avenues open for these custom-made possum traps. These are to trap these creatures, release carefully later on. It stands to be the only reason for the over-growth of possums in Australia and its associated states. All the well-recognized pest control mobile experts carry possum traps inside their vehicles. 

These all agencies supply the possum-traps for 21 days. During this period, it is required for an inspection of the traps, regularly. The owners can also perform this activity. Or else the entire responsibility is taken on by one of the pest control experts. It is advisable to make your living habitat “possum-proof” for further prevention of any future possum visits.

possum control

You have to be aware of the presence of either possums or rats in your home. You should then immediately contact the pest control agency and never try a DIY approach with the readily available store-bought baits! Many such accidents do take place, where the house owner accidentally assumed these creatures to be rats. But they were, none other than possums! And these possums, later on, consume these baits and die!  

Thus, remember never to harm the possums in any way. It stands as a severe offence that comes under the state and federal laws of Australia. All licensed and certified professionals should take to undertake possum control work. On similar lines, the certified and professional Mark’s Pest Control stands as an experienced agency, concerning all the aspects of possum control. 

Ways of disposing or stopping any Possum access

These connote the typical non-aggressive creatures, and there are several ways to get rid of the same. And most solely, these create the surroundings less engaging.

✔ You should block the main access points to your home, chiefly the roof-top, chimneys, pipes, and cracked tiles, attics, and so on with a grilled or net screen. Cover the holes in floors, door and window screens. Also, lock the pet door each night.

✔ Sprinkle the chemical smell repugnant to your garden areas or the courtyards.

✔ Use the motion-activated sensory device where the problem of the possums is the most. These devices trigger once the possum crosses the sensor. The plot gets activated and starts making siren-like sounds. It, in turn, frightens possums away. 

ways to stopping possum access

✔ Spread something out in your lawn that smells strong. Possums never like the strong smell of Ammonia, naphthalene balls and garlic or garlic pod. Also, sprinkle a chemical repellent to the gardens, hedges, or the flower pots.

✔ Remove all the food sources, as these attract the possums. Never try feeding a possum. The possums fed by humans gradually lose their fear and might turn destructive if food is not provided to them.

✔ Catch these creatures with the help of a gentle possum trap. You should have a permit or licence, for the same.

✔ Put in thorns to railings to prevent possums from walking along and gain access to your yard.

✔ Close the garbage bin lid always to keep away the possums. 

✔ Pick up any fruit that has dropped or cover the fruit trees with nets.

✔ Regularly mow the tall grass in your lawn. Remove piles of wood, things like upturned plant-holder or rain barrels, as these stand appealing for them to hide.

Removing dead possum

Possums are protected creatures, and it is not legal to poison them, no matter how much of a nuisance they create. Many cases are lodged of their unfortunate death owing to the consumption of rabbit bait, any road-accident or dog or cat attack. You can sometimes find the carcass inside the roof crevices, also be behind a wall/dividers. It is very much challenging to identify their corpse. The initial sign of identification is invariably a bad odour that lasts up to two to three months. Then is the follow-up of the flies, which accumulate on their dead body. You should dial a proficient and certified possum control individual or agency to get rid of the carcass. They locate the same and never cause any damage to your house and its surroundings. Moreover, no additional expenses are rendered upon the house-owner. Later, they vacuum and freshen the area with an eco-friendly deodoriser, for getting rid of the disgusting odour.

removal of dead possum

To an end to the Possum Problem!

Possums being protected species under the Australian government should be taken out from your dwelling place and released within 50 meters or on the property itself. Hence permanently you should block the entry points, particularly the chimney and roof. But then, this will avoid any future problem, what should you do with their extended kinfolk?

Australia’s Possum removal takes place with a lot of care and caution. And that’s where Mark’s Pest Control enters the arena. Our team of trained individuals are always ready to solve all your possum-related issues. Owing to their years of experience, they are aware of the minute details related to the process of possum removal. They deal with all the legal matters with the utmost care, and the dedicated research and development team invests in an extensive study to comprehend their nature and behavioral traits. Therefore, they incorporate the practical and environment-friendly method of getting rid of possums from your home and surroundings. 

Without any doubt, possum control requires expertise, astuteness, and knowledge. Consequently, what are the ways you safeguard yourself and your close-knit ones from those pests protected by government laws?

Wear a pair of thick gloves or get hold of a long pole to safeguard yourself from getting wounded. While freeing these small-sized dangerous creatures, point the cage in the right direction. It should face where you want the animal to run-off. Otherwise, it is any day sensible and safe to hire a professional/s from Mark’s Pest Control, who will release the possum for you at affordable cost.