What are Springtails and How They Can Cause Harm to The Environment

During the winter season if you consider that your house is safe from pests then think again. It might be the season when mosquitoes, ticks and other insects disappear but It is also the time when little hopping insects with no wings called springtails to occur. Springtails love snow and can endure during the harsh winter season. Springtails can be seen in the group hopping around and looking for a place to stay where they get food as well. Springtail infestations can get you into trouble once enter inside your house. So you need to be always alert of their infestations while you relish the winter sleep.

Springtails Pest Control
Springtails Pest Control

Things You Need To Consider About Springtails

  • Springtails,” are very common and omnipresent pests, yet they are approximately diminutive and because of their size, they are usually ignored.
  • Springtails prefer somewhat moistened environment and are usually seen in wet soil or rotting wood.
  • Because of their tiny size, they are hard to notice and tough to detect.
  • Their strength to leap improbable distances seldom makes people assume they are fleas. Fleas can likewise leap extraordinary distances however have thick round shapes associated with springtails’ flexible elongate figures.
  • Springtails are seen in distinct localities from cornfields to tundras, and they feed on lichens, microspores, and rotting natural elements. 

Reasons How Springtail Infestation Can Cause Harm to The Environment

  • Because of their diminutive size people seldom, overlook springtails. But they can be seen in a large number in the agriculture soil.
  • Springtails deteriorate houseplants are solely seen in extremely wet soil comprising huge portions of peat.
  • Springtails feed on decomposing rootstocks and mildew and do not deteriorate fresh plants.
  • Springtails do not harm people but they are certainly harmful to agriculture.
  • Their presence in your house’s gardens and clutters can annoy you and can sit on your body without biting you.
Springtails Control Treatment
Springtails Control Treatment

Where To Seek Help?

Hire the professionals of Marks Pest Control If you don’t want your houseplants and farming soil to get deteriorate by springtails. We are a 20 years old distinguished organisation providing Professional Pest Controllers in Melbourne at affordable costs. The technicians at our company are able to remove all types of pests from your house and we use the top-notch tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove them. You will get same day booking services from us too. And we also serve in commercial areas as well. So get in touch with us today by reaching us online or by giving us a call on the given toll-free numbers.

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