Why Flying Termites Means Serious Trouble

Termites are the small insects that can cause serious damage to your properties mainly wooden objects such as doors, windows, table etc. The amount of trouble they can put us into is even higher in case they grow wings. We need to understand the relationship between termites and flying termites. Keep in mind that most of the termite colonies begin to swarm in springtime. Swarming is a process that takes place when a subterranean colony grows to a mature size. This flying termite swarm looks quite terrifying but in reality, they do not cause any kind of structural damage. Here again, the question arises that why should you care about these flying insects.

Their presence can be considered as a sign of bad luck to your house. Actually, their presence is a warning sign for the two potential dangers. First, it shows that you may already have an existing termite problem. Secondly, it indicates that your home may be at risk of potential termite infestation.

The swarmers are not harmful to us. It is off-spring that makes them able to harm your property once they land back on the ground, wood or any suitable locations to initiate a new colony. While they do not cause the problem but they give birth to a new termite colony which can cause serious damage to your properties.


Termites can fly but out of the termite caste only ‘alates’ can fly. These are equipped with the wings which make them fly.  Usually, the spring and summer are the main periods of humidity. The swarms of winged termites can be witnessed especially when the ambient air temperature begins to rise. The variation in temperature triggers the winged termites to come out of the nest to embark on a nuptial flight.

Termite Pest Control

Termite Pest Control


If you notice flying termites near house then it can be an indication of the termite’s infestation. They are basically the indication of the starting of a new colony.

Male as well as female winged termites take the fight and essentially reproduce mid-air. They procreate mid-air before falling back down to the ground.  Now it is the duty of female termites to find an appropriate location to start a new termite’s colony as the queen.


It is imperative to reduce the harmful impact of the termite swarms. The best way to do this is to restrict this insect from making a colony in your building.

The important thing, which you must consider here, is that termites look for the moist place to build their colony. Therefore, it is important to focus on all these places which are favorable for the building colony of termites. You should focus on removing all these places to avoid the termites to set up their colony.  There are other important things which can be considered to avoid the risks of flying termites such as regular check-up of the suspected areas such as damaged woods.  You should keep the basement attics and crawl spaces dry and well ventilated as well.  Preventing accumulation of the water can also be an effective technique to reduce the risk associated with the flying termites.

The bottom line is that flying termites do not harm us directly as they do not have biting or chewing mouthparts. Their only goal is to start a new colony which in turn can cause serious damage to us. It means that to stop the damage to your property, you will have to get termite control Melbourne service or do it yourself such that their colonies could not be made. They does not harm you but they initiate the colony of termites which are harmful to us and your properties. We recommend that you should pay attention to each and every activity associated with termites and should focus on stopping them from setting the colony in your building or home.

Professional Termite Control Services-

If termite infestation is bothering you or your family, you must avail professional termite control services. The professionals have the right knowledge regarding all the procedures and also possess the necessary equipment. While it might not be possible for you to get rid of all the termites, professionals can make them go away, even from the toughest corners of your house.

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